James Corden’s 2020 resolution is finally getting rid of his Spanx

James corden He is still committed to his New Year resolution.

During monday The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host talked to him Rachel Brosnahan Y RuPaul about the difficulties of getting into the closet and how his costumes for the night show inspired his New Year’s resolution 2020. And one thing that everyone has in common is the girdle.

Being the star of the Amazon The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Brosnahan has to wear a corset appropriate for the time with almost all his costumes. And the frequent use of corsets in the program has had a negative effect on your body.

As the House of cards The actress revealed: “In fact, I had a kind of injury related to the corset. We talked so fast on the show that just to pronounce all the words, you can’t really breathe much. I think I didn’t breathe much.” and I was a bit constricted, and apparently some of my ribs are a little fused and I can’t breathe deeply anymore. That’s funny. Okay guys. Problems with champagne. “

As the world’s most famous drag queen, RuPaul also knows one or two things about corsets.

As he shared from his own experiences, “When you drag and you’re a man, you have to put your between me down there beyond me down there, so sitting and doing anything, and with AJ and the queen, 15, 16-hour days sometimes, so they are corsets, it’s facial, it’s glue, it’s a complex system of pulleys and weights. “

“It’s not cute, and it’s not for ladybugs,” he continued. “You have to be a true convict to do this.”

Corden responded by revealing his goal for 2020.

“I think I’m making a sacrifice using these Spanx,” he joked. “I’m not even kidding. My New Year’s resolution is trying to get to a point where I make a show this year without using Spanx. It will be as if I were suddenly free, Ru! I won’t know what to do! I’ll be breathing.” .

As RuPaul asked, “Will we know? We’ll know when you’re not using …” Brosnahan said, “We’ll know.”

As Corden joked: “Oh, you’ll know, honey. You’ll know, honey. I’ll shout it from the rooftops! It will be my first Instagram story.”

Corden has mocked his use of Spanx in the past. According to DailyMail.com, while on the 2016 red carpet Met Gala, the host joked with reporters that he was wearing “three pairs of Spanx from ankle to neck” to put on his outfit for the biggest fashion night.

“There are three men waiting for me at the hotel to help me out of the Spanx,” he continued. “I’m going to lie on the floor and they’ll literally get me out of there.”

In his “Carpool Karaoke” with Bruno Mars later that year, Corden joked about the useful girdles again.

Pausing your improvisation session to talk about a specific line on Mars’s “Versace On The Floor,” said Corden, “Now this line, ‘I unzip the back and watch it fall,’ is a very romantic way, but when I get to House with my wife and she says: ‘Can you undo this?’ it takes me more or less, I’m going to say a good 4 to 6 minutes, at which time all the romance is gone. “

As I continued, “Because there’s a little bit on top that you can’t, but then you have the Spanx. You ignored the Spanx in this song. You don’t say, ‘Peel your Spanx.”

As Mars joked in response, “That’s for the remix.”

You heard it here first, folks. This year is the year Corden officially says goodbye to his Spanx. TBD will wear a Versace dress in the program that day.

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