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It looks like, what does Maxim Galkin have?

Petr Sarukhanov / Novaya Gazeta

Something special had to be done so that the best (according to the TEFI) "60 minutes" political talk show was not opened from the discussion about Ukraine (America, Great Britain, Venezuela – underline), but from the internal Russian agenda. As they say, it's time. Isn't it better for yourself, Peter, to turn around?

Olga Skabeev with Evgeny Popov went for a breakthrough and turned around. "Forgive me," said the presenter and opened the evening edition. – We start with sensational news. Out of jealousy, Maxim Galkin ordered the murder of Philip Kirkorov for 2 million rubles! In any case, one of the detainees in the case of organizing the Kirkorov assassination in 2017 announced. & # 39;

It looks like, what does Galkin have? It is clear that Ivan Urgant starts his evening entertainment show with the same news. The news is & # 39; rich & # 39 ;. Something can be spotted that Ivan is not without pleasure and does it in his own way. "Maxim Galkin is a great presenter, he has a great family, he returned from the channel" Russia "to the first channel. For complete happiness he missed one thing – a stuffed Bulgarian leopard above the fireplace. I think Maxim Galkin The accused in the case of the murder of Philip Kirkorov demanded a confrontation with Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov.The confrontation takes place during a concert at the Kremlin Palace, tickets from two thousand rubles. Reprise Urgant is a problem, but perfectly familiar with the ways and habits of show business, he unequivocally makes clear to whom and in anticipation of what it is beneficial to spread this & # 39; sensation & # 39; he laughed and went on with the main topics and guests of the issue.

In "60 minutes" they did not limit themselves to reporting fake news. Burning with showy indignation, Skabeyeva called the & # 39; sensation & # 39; that just sounded, pure nonsense, nonsense and nonsense. After this, the video message from Maxim Galkin was broadcast, in which he, referring to an early spring aggravation, explained the accusations of journalists with his fantasies, and in the final, such as Urgant, the & # 39; opponent & # 39; It hurt: & I have only one request, dear journalists, Do not disturb Philip. He is very upset because it is so cheap. & # 39;

And only the viewer sat comfortably, attuned to the admiring squatters in the star family that he worshiped and breathed with relief that at least this time the Poroshenko – Timoshenko family was not disgusted with him because the subject was off, and Yevgeny Popov usual "menu" announced: "And now look at the actor of another, political theater of Mr. Poroshenko and his former colleague Saakashvili." And the show rolled on track: Ukraine is not an election, but a farce, all presidential candidates, as well as their western curators and sponsors are imbeciles and grabbers, which cannot be said about the country of birth.

If only because you can't say anything about your country of birth on federal TV, like a dead man: it's good or nothing. Give preference to "nothing".

The apparently solid Russian political programs & # 39; s approaching the presidential election in Ukraine are more and more like humorous shows and it would be funny if it weren't so disgusting.

It is especially disgusting when the entire patriotic Kahal is piled on the so-called pro-Ukrainian expert guests, who, like mice from a joke, cry, prick, but keep eating the cactus. That is, after the humiliation and defamation of the presenters and other participants in the broadcast, they still come back day after day in the studios of the Russian federal channels to humbly accept another bashing and have it on its best time to break through the barking and buzz (which looks funny and makes you laugh) studio). With such defenders and enemies do not need. It is thanks to them that the impartial image of the Ukrainians is formed in the immature spirit of the public – as stupid, vulgar, disrespectful of themselves and unable to stand up for themselves, individuals staring at the light of the dare to elevate reason – Russians – in the person of their best representatives – leading shows and experts, the composition of which has practically not changed in recent years.

Vyacheslav Kovtun, the most famous defender of Ukraine on the Russian (apparent) salary, was nicknamed "The Man Who Laughs" for the first time – because of the unchanging and usually unsuitable smile that did not go away with his shiny face, even then his most natural way right during the broadcasts. The leader of the "60 Minutes" Popov, speaking at a teleconference with a popular Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, who wanted to flatter the latter, bluntly said, "You are not what Kovtun of the gateway."

And all this from Kovtun is like water from the back of a duck. Walks and hikes. Tolerates and suffers. Is that a smile that more and more rarely illuminates his face, replaced by a tearing grimace that evokes and makes the "tormentors" even more cheerful.

In one of the newest releases of his writing program, Vladimir Solovyov gave him a really demonstrative beating. "I think …" – Kovtun began. "You scare me with the phrase" I think ", Solovyov replies immediately. – Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, you don't know. I just have to show you to the people. You're no worse, Vyacheslav Nikolaevich. You're a PhD. And which institute gave you crusts? & # 39;

"National research and political science," grumbles Kovtun. "National investigation? – Solovyov grins sarcastically. – Return to Ukraine, go to the great Ukrainian politics, you have reliably plotted the last place. Do you speak Ukrainian? & # 39;

Kovtun, who is postponing his last strength, not to sob in the studio, is challenging to switch to the Ukrainian language. Solovyov and his comrades, almost crying, but laughing: "You speak surzhik, and very badly. Like & # 39; n smart boy, but he doesn't grind on the move, & parody about the Ukrainian language, talk about guest Solovyov .

Sweaty, humiliated Kovtun miserably justified by the satisfied laughter of other guests and the applause of the audience.

What is not a comic show, where the presenter himself has long been turned into a clown, who periodically mimics the Jewish or Ukrainian language, now sings something, makes low body movements, righteous indignation at an unpleasant guest, then bowing to a guest in respectful half bow correctly and even more – noble. I just want to exclaim, "Oh, which actor is dying!"

Bad artist. And it is not lost, on the contrary, it flourishes.

Skabaeva and Popov, in order to revive public interest in the teeth-laden "political" show, needed Maxim Galkin with the sensational news that had been sucked from his finger. However, Solov & # 39; ev does not need Galkin. He himself is a comedian, a tragedy and a handy circus balance bishop. And don't get tired – which is great. Teams for five days and night. Motherland will order – and the whole air will close.


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