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Is Judith Williams really starting?

  • "The Cave of the Lions" will Every Tuesday from 20:15 on VOX broadcast
  • in 12 episode make resourceful founders 90 products in front of
  • The jury consists of
    Judith Williams
    Frank Thelen
    , Ralf Dümmel,
    Carsten Maschmeyer
    , Dagmar Wöhrl and Dr. med.
    Georg Kofler
  • Amiaz Habtu moderates the founders show

Since Tuesday (September 4), the popular inventors have shown "The Cave of the Lions" on VOX again. GALA guides the TV format for you and keeps you informed of the pitches, startups and news about the program:

September 10: Will Judith Williams really start?

"The Cave of the Lions" is hard to imagine without Judith Williams, 45. Since the first episode the entrepreneur is part of the ensemble of investors and entertains not only its co-investors, but also the many spectators for the screens. In an interview with GALA she reveals whether fans of the founders should soon do without emotional lioness.

Judith Williams takes a position

Is she really coming to "The Cave of the Lions"?

"The Cave of the Lions" is hard to imagine without Judith Williams. The entrepreneur not only entertains its co-investors, but also the many spectators for the screens. Do they have to get on quickly without Mrs. Williams?

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September 7: Successful deal, broken deal

The first episode of "The Cave of the Lions" was a great success. The greens are resourceful, the lions are called. And that's how different deals arose in the show – one of them, the "Calligraphy Cut" by Frank Brorman, even more than a million euros. But not every handshake in the show leads to a real investment after the TV deal. "Volatiles", the exclusive LED mosaic wall, found an interested lion in the show with Carsten Maschmeyer, 59. After this, the deal broke more than 500,000 euros for 20 percent of the company's shares. Founders Florian Nuebling and Maschmeyer did not come together.

September 5: In episode 1 the lions surprised them with a mega-deal

On Tuesday "The Cave of the Lions" finally entered its fifth season. In the first episode, the lions immediately showed that they are extremely enthusiastic about the new founders – and have just completed a number of exciting deals. (One of them, the "Catch >> Up" has already tested GALA) At the end of the episode there was also the Big Bang. An absolute mega deal of more than 1,000,000 euros. If you can look forward to so much starting capital and which other products and ideas have been introduced, you can read here.

The cave of the lions

What does a deal really mean to investors?


If you want to know more about "The Cave of the Lions", about investing and one of the lions, the GALA interview with entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer is recommended. In it he shows himself, as in the founder's show at the latest, of his soft, emotional side. Incidentally, as he has revealed, he sees this as one of his essential strengths. "Emotional Intelligence" the 59-year-old calls this. So he decides in any case about a possible investment. In the end, but then synonymous to vote for the total package.

September 4: Gruner + Jahr launches the founding magazine "The Cave of the Lion"

The successful show format "The Cave of the Lions" will be accompanied by a founder's magazine for the fifth season. The magazine of the same name comes from the publisher Gruner + Jahr and is a bold push in the highly competitive segment of the business press. The booklet, which is available from today at well-stocked kiosks, is intended for readers outside traditional business journalism through a new magazine concept. The launch of the co-production of CAPITAL and BUSINESS PUNK is 250,000 copies.

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer is pleased with the founding magazine of the show "The Cave of the Lions".

September 3: Season 5 of the Founder Show is in the starting blocks

The popular founders show is in the starting blocks. Tomorrow evening, 4 September, the weather starts at 20.15. Ingenious inventors and ambitious founders step in front of the hungry lions and try to make a lucrative deal with their camping sites. The entrepreneurs are well prepared and so it will be from the beginning of the fifth season. At the end of the evening a happy candidate goes home with a deal.

The cave of the lions

Dr. Georg Kofler strengthens the lion package


The Lions (from left): Carsten Maschmeyer, Judith Williams, Frank Thelen, Dagmar Wöhrl, Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel

August 28: The lions are chatting out of the sewing box

In a few days (September 4, 2018) the popular inventor show returns to VOX and has a number of surprises in store. In the fifth season not only incredible 90 founders fight for an investment of the lions. Before the investors checked the market potential of the inventions on TV, they talked a bit out of the box.

All about season 5: What we know so far

In the late summer, the founder of VOX & # 39; The Cave of the Lions & # 39; a continuation, not a big news. VOX had announced a fifth season last year (November 2017). But that does not detract from the fact that the enthusiasm and anticipation of the show – which attracts attention this year with a number of changes – do not diminish:

More lions

Anyone who has followed the fourth season of the popular founder's show may know well informed about the occupancy of the investor chairs. So this year Frank Thelen, 42, Ralf Dümmel, 51, Carsten Maschmeyer, 59,
Dagmar Wohrl
, 64, and Judith Williams, 45, fight as "lions" for their share in the startup booty. The lions join as permanent investor. Ing. Georg Kofler, 61. The entrepreneur who was ready for the ill Judith Williams last season will share the spot with her.

Investor Frank Thelen takes a closer look at the product of the founders Karl Hartmann and Konstantin Altrichter.

The cave of the lions

That is how the lions of the founder's show are inspired


Even more hungry

When the lions return in September, their hunger will be greater than ever. After a very successful fourth season, they will not be satisfied with meals for the hollow tooth: an average of 3 million viewers watched the episodes of last year. This brand must be supplemented.

You can also expect great things from the new season in financial terms. In the first four seasons of the founding show invested about 10 million eurosas the news portal "World" reports. The sum should now only be stopped in the recommended startups in season 5.

More startups

In early July, the newspaper "BILD" had speculated that the new season "The Cave of the Lions" could last longer than the previous editions. For the previous season only twelve days of shooting were planned, because the upcoming shot should have been made on 15 days. This is not true. As with season 4, the products of the founders will also be shown in 12 episodes in the fifth season. There will, however, be more startups: 90 in number. So 20 more products are hoping for a financial injection from the investors.

New cave

For the new episodes the lions have moved to a new studio. The investors welcome the start-up founders this time for a skyscraper background.

Behind investor Carsten Maschmeyer you can already catch a glimpse of the new landscape

Behind investor Carsten Maschmeyer you can already catch a glimpse of the new landscape

At any time and for everyone

"The Cave of the Lions" will be available in the next season as well as in repetition and with subtitles. The station announced in a press release. According to the news channel, n-TV shows the current DHDL episode of Tuesday as a repeat on Friday at 8:15 PM. There is also the possibility for hearing-impaired viewers to see "The Cave of the Lions" with subtitles.

And for those who can not get enough of the format, there is also a founder's magazine to start season 5. The magazine of Gruner + Jahr contains stories about startups from the new and the previous season and other successful entrepreneurs. & # 39;

The successful concept of the broadcast

The entertainment show is about investing. Inventors and founders of companies use their pitches (presentations) to promote the capital of the judges. The better the idea, the greater the chance that one or more "lions" will bite.

Whether investors such as Frank Thelen, Judith Williams or Ralf Dümmel offer financial support to entrepreneurs does not only depend on the presentation of their products and ideas. The investment proposals of the candidates are decisive. Many deals are and are already on this point. If a business valuation is too high or margins have been misjudged, the lions withdraw from the investment. Only when the parameters are good do the potential donors consult and try to find out whether an investment is worthwhile.

They often present a counter-offer. For their part, the lions have the opportunity to explain under what conditions they would agree to enter the company. If candidates and lenders agree on the deal, the field will eventually be sealed with a handshake.

+++ All news, video & # 39; s and photos & # 39; s to "The Cave of the Lions" can be found at VOX.de +++

Cave of the lions 2018

The highlights of the show

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