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Becky G revealed in an interview that it was her friend, the midfielder of Los Angeles Galaxy, Sebastián Letget who makes 5 years old difference is the one who inspired her to make the song "Mayores".

And now, on the classic Thursday of Throwback Thursday or #TBT, Becky G he used his account Instagram to give a romantic message in French to the footballer, from whom he spends a lot of time away from his work.

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"You t & # 39; aime.You miss me (I love you, I miss you)", is the short but powerful message of Becky G in front of Sebastián Letget, with whom he has a relationship since 2016, in which he shows how much he is in love with him.

The text is accompanied by a few photo's in which both appear to appear in different places in Paris and correspond to a journey that the couple had made earlier, since at the moment Becky G It is located in Miami.

The publication is made by Becky G A little over two hours ago and already 203,000 & # 39; I like it & # 39; exceeded and has about 1,000 comments, in which his followers emphasize how much love you see them.

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In this way Becky G has shown that although he maintains a distance relationship with Sebastián Letget, the love between them is retained and they benefit from their free time to spend together and share beautiful moments.