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In Toulouse the "tired" carried out a record mobilization

"Why are we ever more numerous? Because we are tired of it": for Brown, 32, the record of mobilization of "yellow jackets" was beaten Saturday in Toulouse, with a peak of at least 10,000 demonstrators, not surprising, because "The people are awake "

"We have a lot of ass, the scale of taxes," emphasizes the Toulouse who has written a phrase of rapper on the back of his yellow vest that Kery James has dedicated: "The people wake up, you will be loved".

"We ask to live, have enough to buy food from the 1st to the 30th of the month", so many demands remained for him and the group that accompanied him, while the government seeks a way out of the crisis through the big debate that has been launched this week.

Folded near the Garonne, escaping the tear gas cloud that hovers over the historic center after clashes between demonstrators and police, Alexander is also there for the "people" to "regain power".

"In Toulouse, the more you go, the more people there because we motivate each other to get the resignation of Macron and the government," says the thirty-something, scooter helmet on his head "so as not to be deformed" by the fire of grenades from the police.

– "Ready to start again" –

Before the demonstration degenerated into clashes and vandalism, including two benches, which quickly fled part of the crowd, police brutality nourished many slogans: "Castaner the butcher, France maimed", or "Police everywhere, justice nowhere".

Thirty Protestants were also on the central square of the Capitol, on the sound of a song that requires nonviolence, while others intervened several times to remove villains, about 500 at the prefecture.

Before the appointment, the "yellow cardigans" called for a large regional meeting, according to the mayor of Toulouse, LR Jean-Luc Moudenc, who had once again asked for "a strengthening of law enforcement forces". In his eyes, a reinforcement to face the manifestations is "the pretext for degradations and an extremely disturbing movement aimed at overthrowing the Republic and shifting the economic and social system".

On social networks calls had been made for an influx that beats the previous events in number. In addition to the CGT, the Communist Party has also swollen the ranks of the demonstrators, according to its department federation.

But for Laetitia, diving mask on the forehead, the problem was elsewhere. With "three dependents" for a net wage of 1,400 euros, she came "to show that it is not enough that they announce the big debate."

"I have made eight demonstrations and I am ready to start again as long as I do not have enough to feed my children", says Toulousaine who works in the restaurant business.

– "A chaos" –

On their Facebook page, "yellow cardigans", Toulouse called for an act 11 next week, Saturday evening.

"The pain, the poverty, the misery, there, they explode and it falls on Macron, it's up to him to prove that this debate is creepy," says Stephane, 33, who works in aviation.

When he is on his "fourth demonstration, to show his solidarity with this movement", he intends to take part in the big debate.

But he fears "that it takes too long" and "is a little bit worried" with new claims "sometimes resembles the program of extreme right or left".

"It looks like a chaos this situation, like a wall that collapses, maybe he should wait until he completely collapses to rebuild something," he wondered.

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