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Idris Elba lied about his origins to win his role in "The Wire"

The actor Idris Elba – WENN

Idris Elba lied about his nationality to get the role of Stringer Bell The wire. As he told in an interview with
Hollywood Reporter, the actor has hidden his British origins, including his "so British" accent.

"Why would they have taken me? You're going to McDonald's to eat hamburgers, not fish and chips," said the star Luther.

Well spotted

And according to David Simon, the maker of The wire also interrogated,
Idris Elba did very well. "I was probably in a mode in which if I were asked to take more Britons, I would have answered:" Too bad, can I send some New Yorkers? "know that I can't have someone with a Baltimore accent, but at least a few Americans," the director admitted.

A successful recording for Idris Elba who now no longer has to lie to have roles. By the way, he can replace Will Smith at the latest on the latest news Suicide Squad 2.

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