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How does the NHL Draft lottery design work?

The NHL Draft 2019 lottery will be held in Toronto on Tuesday at 17:00. and will be broadcast on NBCSN and NBC Sports App.

The lottery will establish the order for the first 15 selections of the 2019 NHL Draft, to be held at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver on 21-22 June.

How is the order of the NHL project determined?

They will participate in each of the 15 teams that have lost the Stanley Cup playoffs (or the teams that have chosen the first round of a non-playoff team). The odds of each winning team are assigned based on the reverse order of the ranking of the final season.

Three separate drawings will be organized:

  • The first determines the selection n. 1.
  • The odds for the remaining teams will be adjusted proportionately for the second drawdown, which will determine the choice n. 2.
  • Then, again, for the third drawing, which will determine the choice n. 3.

The remaining teams will then receive selections 4-15 based on the reverse order of the ranking. Each of the 15 teams can win the lottery, but no team can go back more than three points.

How are the teams selected?

The four-digit combinations are randomly generated by computers and then randomly assigned to non-tie-breaking teams.

There are 14 lottery balls, numbered 1-14. The balls are loaded from 1 to 14 into the machine by a different lottery technician each year, with independent representatives and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

Once the balls are loaded, the machine is switched on by the technician. An NHL representative requires a draw of each of the four balls at 15-second intervals, with Bettman performing the draw.

Behind the scenes of the 2018 NHL Draft lottery drawing

Video: enter the drawing of the Lottery of the draw

When the winner of the first drawing is checked, the four drawn balls are returned to the machine. The same procedure follows for the second and third drawings.

Since a team cannot win more than one design, a redraw is performed after a repeated winner.

The results are verified and the people who attended the drawing, including a representative of each team, must remain in the room until the results are announced live.

Which team has the best odds for the lottery?

Draft position
Colorado Avalanche (via OTT)
LA Kings
New Jersey Devils
Detroit Red Wings
Buffalo Sabers
New York Rangers
Edmonton Oilers
Anaheim Ducks
Vancouver Canucks
Philadelphia Flyers
Minnesota Wild
Chicago Blackhawks
Florida Panthers
Coyotes of the Arizona
Montreal Canadiens

How to watch the 2019 NHL Draft lottery

  • Drawing of the lottery of the NHL design
  • Tuesday 9 April at 17:00
  • on line: NBC Sports App


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