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Heritage: Macron congratulates Stéphane Bern, reassured after his eruption

Paris – Emmanuel Macron welcomed him a year after he had entrusted him with a mission in the field of heritage, the successes of Stéphane Bern and wanted to perpetuate his "Loto Heritage", enough to reassure the host who had threatened his stop if he was just a "misery-size".

Encouraging sign, the first "Heritage Loto"Collected Friday, with 14 million euros, 30% more in relation to a classic draw lotto, according to French games.more than € 3.5 million will endanger the French heritagestated Stéphane Pallez, the CEO.

Through the opening of the Heritage Days in Bougival (Yvelines), which greeted the thousands of visitors of the Elysée Palace in the afternoon, the Head of State wished that "this lottery will be multi-year"with a draw every year.

"With praise the French showed that they believed in their heritage. It is also an element of territorial revitalization", he said, announced other measures for heritage soon.

The results of the Bern mission "are excellent", welcomed the president during his visit Saturday morning, with his wife Brigitte, Villa Viardot in Bougival, one of these"emblematic places"to get out of oblivion.

"It is a real success", welcomed Stéphane Bern.In ten days time 20% of the tickets are sold, this is the historical record for a game of scratching the French games"The proceeds will rise in the special fund that is meant to rehabilitate the monuments at risk in the 270 selected by the mission Bern.

"I hope to double the amount with corporate sponsorship", said the facilitator and also pointed out that"many people have chosen to donate directly to the Heritage Foundation, which has already raised six million euros, because it is tax-free".

Without waiting, the Heritage Foundation, responsible for the management of these funds, handed Villa Viardot a first check of 500,000 euros on Saturday, to which the Total Foundation added 100,000 euros.

The aim is to reopen this Palladian house from the 19th century for an estimated cost of 3 million euros to install a European Music Center (EMC) by 2022.

"Much remains to be done"warned Stéphane Bern, who had expressed his frustrations on August 31, and warned that he would leave his post if he saw that he was"that a puppet".

– "It makes you lucid"-

In the afternoon, Emmanuel Macron spent almost three hours with the curious to visit the Elysée. The 20,000 visitors expected at the weekend will see the town hall in red and gold for the last time: the head of state has chosen to replace the carpet and the red dyes with a new shade in shades of gray.

"It will radically change the mood. And I do not despair of anything temporary on the ceiling, in the Cristohe said, pointing at the heavy gold boxes.Art of the table, furniture … You have to carry these crafts and export this French know-how"He said, there are many jobs."

The audience tore about fifty derivative products that were offered for sale for the first time by the Elysee in grandstands in the courtyard: mugs in the president's portrait, pencils blue-white-red, color posters of the Macron pair, T-shirts with the sense "Perlimpine powder"Or"Croquignolesqueto a Lipwacht for 169 euros – one of the most requested products – of which the president has worn a copy on the wrist throughout the day.

According to the Elysée, the store had sold 5,000 objects for 185,000 euros from noon, of which 12% will go to the renovation of the palace.

"I want additional income from private activities that will be reinvested in the renovation of these public places. We reopened two rooms in the Elysée which were closed"he remarked.

As for the T-shirt "perlimpin powder""I assume it is complete. You know, it's the first thing I'm told by 10-12 year-olds who ask me".

"If I had been told that I would sign a Némo postcard … it makes me clear!"the president laughed, who happily signed a picture of his dog at the request of a tourist.

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