Here’s how much money Aly Raisman earned as a gymnast

During his career, Raisman has earned a penny for gymnastics. According to Celebrity Net Worth, is finishing his Olympic career with $ 2 million, not too bad for someone only a quarter of a century.

According to the sports reservation agency Athlete Speakers, Raisman has made money with the support of brands such as Ralph Lauren, GK Elite Sportswear, American Girl, Poland Spring and Pandora Jewelry, among others. Your speaking rate, as it appears in your profile on the website, ranges from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000.

Raisman would also have won money from the competition. According to USA Today, the United States Olympic Committee gives money to the medalists. In 2016, the payment was $ 25,000 for a gold medal, $ 15,000 for silver and $ 10,000 for bronze.

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