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Has Line of Duty fan solved season 5, episode 2 Hastings cliffhanger?

Ted Hastings in & # 39; Line of Duty & # 39;

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Note: this item contains spoilers for Line of Duty season 5, episode 2.

Line of DutyThe last episode left viewers a number of questions, then that cliffhanger last night, so we doubted Ted Hastings.

The end of episode 2 saw hijacker Jane Cafferty (Sian Reese-Williams) interviewed by Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure).

Jane was asked to identify the corrupt officer who had originally put her in the sheepfold, and Kate placed photos of AC-12's Wall of Bent Coppers on the table in front of her.

& # 39; H & # 39; suspects in & # 39; Line of Duty & # 39; s04e06


Those photos include ACC Hilton, DI Matthew & # 39; Dot & # 39; Cottan, DS Jeremy Cole, DS Manish Prasad and CS Patrick Fairbank. But Kate also picked up a photo from a nearby filing cabinet – remember when Ted asked her to take his photo off the wall in series four?

Jane was then seen pointing at someone's photo, accusing them of the corrupt officer. But unfortunately we could not see who it was …

However, one Line of Duty fan has done some research, and has a theory that the person Cafferty pointed to was actually Dot (Craig Parkinson).

If the theory of that fan is indeed successful, Ted's behavior during the interview seems a bit weird. He looked very uncomfortable in his office, but could it just be Ted, wondering what the hell was going on in the interview room?

A number of fans on social media agree with this new theory, with one saying: "Me and my husband have wound for half an hour, slow mo, rewinded again and removed one by one." Absolutely pointed to Cottan. "

While another added: "And ….. And ….. if it was Ted … she would certainly have looked up and pointed to his office and said …." It's that man over there … that guy. & # 39; (There are no walls in that glass office … the height Mercurio ??) It is not Ted. It may be. No Ted. "

Line of Duty takes place on Sunday (April 14) at 9 pm on BBC One.

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