Home Entertainment Hailey Baldwin denies being married to Justin Bieber!

Hailey Baldwin denies being married to Justin Bieber!

False alarm. It looks like the wedding bells are in between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin They have not sounded yet. This Friday was the news about the marriage between the young couple around the world, but much to the disappointment of many, the expected ceremony is only a mirage and never happened.

It was the protagonist and the girlfriend of this & # 39; no wedding & # 39; who made it public in a message on networks, especially on Twitter, where she makes it clear that she is still a single woman, but with dedication. "I understand where the speculation comes from, but I am still not married," he wrote in a humorous tone.

As said CNN in Spanish The lovers have obtained their marriage permit that gives them the green light to marry. Both were photographed this Thursday as they left the court of Los Angeles and perhaps this led to everyone thinking that they had already become husband and wife.

Nothing is further from reality. At this moment they are still very dedicated and the bride is already fully involved in the preparation of one of the most important days of her life. The friend who recently announced his eternal love for his lover on Instagram is also involved in a different kind of paperwork.


As the TMZ site points out, the successful singer takes all the necessary legal steps to finally become a US citizen. Sources near the young man have informed these media that his idea is to retain dual citizenship and not to give up the Canadian.

The ex of Selena Gomez he loves his country where, in addition to his family, he has an important characteristic in which he will certainly share great moments with his wife. For now we will have to wait to see how they are united in marriage, a link we will be very, very aware of, because it will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated events of the moment.


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