Gemini Man trailer: two Will Smith versions thanks to rejuvenation technologies


After the success of Aladdin & # 39; s live action remake by Disney (read our review), and his role as a genius, it seems that Will Smith is returning to his first love for his next film: the science fiction. In Gemini Man, the actor embodies the main character of a futuristic thriller in which he is confronted with his younger clone. The film, promising, is unveiled today in a new trailer.

After Men in Black, I Robot and Independence Day, Will Smith finally returns to SF with Gemini Man. Worn by the director Ang Lee (The Odyssey of Pie, The Secret of Brokeback Mountain), and co-author of David Benioff (Game of Thrones), Billy Ray (Hunger Games), Andrew Niccol (Welcome to Gattaca) or Darren Lemke (Shazam) the film will become an action thriller in the future.

The particularity of Gemini Man: Will Smith will embody not only the main character, but also his enemy, a clone of himself who is younger. To do this, the actor has been rejuvenated through current technologies, with the result, as seen in this trailer, which seems largely to the height. It would almost feel like I was meeting the Will Smith of Independence Day.

Credits: Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Gemini Man is a project that has been running for more than 20 years, but it was eventually abandoned, mainly because the technological means were not sufficient to rejuvenate an actor. The production would have focused its attention on Harrison Ford and Chris O & Donnell, respectively, interpreting the old and young versions of a single character, somewhat like Looper who had chosen Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis, but the project finally became leave … until today!

That will be the case Will Smith that Gemini Man will wear, with the experience we know about this kind of film. Gemini Man appears in the dark rooms in the fall, the October 2nd to be precise.