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Game of Thrones: the great summary of the 7 seasons to attack the 8th

It is the opening of series that has kept the whole world in breath. Released in 2011, the series brings together 2.2 million viewers from the very first episode about HBO.

It is true, even if it is obvious, but the following article contains a lot of spoilers. If you haven't seen the series, go ahead or take a look at our selection of series that could be replaced Game of Thrones.

Winter is coming

The series starts with the arrival of white walkers north of the wall. The legend that stimulates generations may not be just a children's story. Jon Snow, Ned Stark's illegitimate son, joins the night watchman to prevent walkers from crossing the wall.

Ned Stark, tragic destination

When the king's hand dies, Robert Baratheon calls on his friend Ned Stark to take over. The lord of the north will accept the proposal and travel to the capital with his two daughters, Arya and Sansa. Some time after taking office, Ned Stark sees his friend, the king, die during a hunting party. While the heir Joffrey is about to climb the throne, Ned Stark discovers that he is not the son of the king, but the fruit of incest between Queen Cersei and his brother Jaime. To protect Lannister's crown, he goes in search of the king's illegitimate children. When the Lannisters learn of these acts, they lock him up for treason and at the same time remove him from the throne he had to take to the majority of Joffrey. The Stark House goes to battle with Robb Stark, head of the northern army. Despite the efforts of his son, Ned Stark is executed on behalf of Joffrey.

The unburned, worthy heir to the throne

After their father was defeated by Robert Baratheon, the two Targaryen children fled from the neighborhood of Westeros to escape the armies of the new king. Viserys Targaryen plans to take the crown off King Robert's hands and will become an ally of the Dothraki to achieve this. It is a marriage that this alliance, that of his sister, with the leader of this warrior, Khal Drogo, will seal. The worshiper of the throne will not have dreamed long, because he will be burned alive by Drogo. Daenerys becomes the only legitimate heiress and will conquer the seven crowns with his new husband. In a fight, he is wounded and dies slowly. She will shorten her suffering and suffocate her. After cremating her body, the young woman must gain the trust of her new people and join the enormous fire. The next morning she is found in the middle of the ashes, unburned. The dragon eggs, reportedly fossilized, that were offered to him, hatched. Daenerys becomes the mother of three dragons.


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