From The Bachelor Ashes Rises Alayah and All Her Drama


Just when The Bachelor the contestants thought they had seen the last of Alayah … she came back!

It is safe to say that the return of Alayah is not welcome. In advance of the fourth week of Peter Weber‘s The Bachelor season, the remaining 13 contestants react to their return in the way one would expect: “The drama has risen from the dead.”

Alayah, who was eliminated in the delivery on Monday, January 20, The Bachelor, he tells Peter that she is there to “go crazy with everything that was said about me.”

“Obviously they are lying to me about someone,” says Peter.

Yes, everyone is very angry.

“She is manipulating you, in the same way she manipulated me,” Victoria P. tells Peter.

On ABC Single party podcast, hosts Becca Kufrin Y Rachel Lindsay He addressed Alayah’s lies about meeting Victoria as he saw in the episode on Monday, January 20.

“‘That we would be disqualified,” she constantly said: “Disqualified if we met.” I think, first of all, this is not a game, “says Becca. “This is not a contest you are trying to win or move on to the next round. They do not ‘disqualify you.” They send you home because this guy has no feelings for you. So, for her to combine that word and then say “Oh, Victoria P. and I were friends and allies.” So why would you tell him not to pretend that he knows you? That didn’t help me. “

The trailer also features Peter’s personal date with Victoria F., and the revelation that she used to leave Chase Rice, the musician they are watching.

“I can’t do this,” Victoria shouted after telling Peter about her past relationship.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC


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