Friends Reunion is still an opportunity at HBO Max

We still have to wait for the official news of the rumors. friends meeting.

The HBO Max bosses, who took the stage on the TV Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, had nothing really new to share on that front other than the fact that everyone is definitely interested.

“There is interest in every way, and yet it seems that we cannot align all that interest to press the button, so today unfortunately it is still such,” said the content director. Kevin Reilly He said when asked about the special without a script, which reportedly had the six main stars and the two creators of the show on board.

Nor was there much news about the Gossip Girl I restart, but the original content director Sarah Aubrey said they have a first script by writer Joshua Safran, and she loved it.

“I can tell you that we all breathe in relief because it is quite good … the bar is very high, but I think that is one of the benefits of having the original creators involved … We are really excited to bring you a modern lens 10 years later , so [Josh Schwartz] and the team have done a great job so far. ”

It’s still “the first days” of the cast, Aubrey said, although there are some people who are watching to broadcast on the show, which takes place a few years after the original series and follows a new group of teenagers on the Upper East Side.

There were updates on a lot of other HBO Max titles, old and new.

Big Bang Theory Y friends both will be available to broadcast, although fans should wait Harry Potter Available movies.

A new anime Aquaman the series arrives, along with the drama Americanahstarring Lupita Nyong’o, directed by Chinonye Chukwuwith ex Living Dead star Danai Gurira serving as showrunner and writer. There will be a new reality show about Wolfgang Puck and his catering company, and an anthology series called The Uninhabitable Earth about possible futures in the face of rapid global warming.

As for all those questions about how to have HBO Max and what that means if you already have HBO, Kevin Reilly says he will stop worrying when he sees the product itself. If you already have HBO, you will already have HBO Max. HBO programs will appear right next to HBO Max programs. HBO is embedded within HBO. If you already only see HBO through HBO Now or HBO Go, you already know what you are doing.

Other problems, as if DC Universe subscriptions will go along with HBO Max subscriptions, have not yet been fixed, but for now, just know that you have nothing new to buy if you are already subscribed to HBO.

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