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Florida orders a recount, Trump evokes fraud without evidence

Florida on Saturday ordered a recount of votes in the tight election of the governor of the state and a senator, marked by failures, Donald Trump emerge from fraud without evidence.

The results of this new census, by order of Florida Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, must be communicated to the local authorities on Thursday at 3 pm (8 pm GMT) at the latest.

For the election of the governor, unofficial results released on Saturday show that Republican Ron DeSantis, who was supported by Donald Trump, ahead of the Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum, one of the new high-profile faces of the opposition party, only 33,684 votes on more than 8.2 million ballots, or 0.41%.

The race between Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and his Republican rival Rick Scott, the current Governor of Florida, was even tighter: Scott's advance consisted of 12,562 votes, a margin of 0.15 percentage points (50.07% versus 49.92% ).

The climate has been very tense in Florida since Tuesday night, a state accustomed to stretching and controversy.

After the announcement of a new census, Andrew Gillum returned to Tuesday's speech, in which he acknowledged his defeat, to now call, "without complexity and without concession", to "reconsider all voices".

Donald Trump, for his part, has reported a risk of election manipulation, which can not justify any proven element at this stage.

"They are trying to FLY two polls in FLY!", Tweeted the American president, from France, where he participated in the commemoration of the Armistice of November 11, 1918. "We follow that closely!"

– Memories of 2000 –

Since Tuesday Donald Trump has suggested several times that some local officials in Florida tried to manipulate the results for the benefit of the Democrats, talking about "shame for our country and for democracy".

He blamed the provinces of Broward and Palm Beach, whose voters were largely on top of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

To make matters worse, the head of the elections in Broward County, Brenda Snipes, admitted Friday that he unintentionally mixed several dozen invalid ballot papers with votes that are consistent in the count.

Rick Scott's campaign challenged Brenda Snipes and his counterpart in Palm Beach County for violating the electoral law.

The other senator in Florida, Marco Rubio, whose seat did not play in the polls, set fire to oil by sending the video of a notorious conspiracy in which newsletters were to be smuggled.

In general, it is not so much the small difference in the two polls as the failures that were noticed during the first count.

For several specialists, the large number of votes per letter would have contributed to the hiding of the election machine during this election.

According to the Miami Herald, more than 25,000 voters have not filled in the part of the newsletter with regard to the appointment of a new senator, who fosters the presumption of failure, a hypothesis that is refuted by Brenda Snipes.

Almost twenty years ago, the & # 39; Sunshine State & # 39; (sunny state, his nickname) already discussed during the historic chaos of the American presidential election of 2000.

Florida then occupied the media of the world when only a few votes separated Republican George W. Bush from Democrat Al Gore.

The striking images of civil servants who sometimes take a look at their ballots with a magnifying glass, have marked the memories.

The trial was ultimately decided by the US Supreme Court. The Republican defeated the Democrat in Florida with 537 votes and won the presidential election.

However, Florida was not the only American state that is still occupied by uncertainty on Saturday.

In neighboring Georgia, the Democratic presidential candidate Stacey Abrams keeps counting the last ballots against the Republican rival Brian Kemp, who has 60,000 votes in advance.

In Arizona, it is a balanced senator, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema with about 18,000 votes ahead of his rival Republican Martha McSally, but tens of thousands of newsletters continued to be tapped on Saturday.

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