Home Entertainment Fernando Carrillo proposed to Adela Noriega ... and she beat him

Fernando Carrillo proposed to Adela Noriega … and she beat him

The actor says he has proposed it, even if he knew he would say no. He also says that he met Noriega to plan his return to television.

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Asked Fernando Carrillo wedding to Adela Noriega years ago, when both were with stars "María Isabeland although I knew she would say no, the Venezuelan dared, and that was the request.

"That was many years ago and I do not remember much anymore, gentlemen have no memory, but I was lost in love from Adela, "he said.

Carrillo emphasized that they coincided in the Telenovela when he came out of a separation process.

"We had a novel that was number one in the country and I came from one divorce recently and I thought that Adela was the biggest nail that would get me out of the smallest nail, and she kindly told me no.

"I was almost sure he would tell me no, the fear was if he said yes, if he said yes, I thought: it means you have to pay attention, you have to concentrate and you have to change yourself and, most importantly, being your family, your children, your wife, "he explained.

Fernando explained that for the proposal she leaned on a bouquet of flowers, where she hid the ring, and it was that the actress immediately rejected the request wedding; He also emphasized Noriega's attitude after his refusal.

"The ring, because she is a super good woman, she gave him back and I could go back to Beverly Hills and they gave me the wool back."

In other details, the actor mentioned that he would meet with Adela to plan it return from her to the TV.

(With information from Ventaneando)

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