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February TV – Istmo | Madison, Wisconsin

February is full of new and fascinating documentaries on HBO, Amazon Prime and more. All the shows I will be profiling this month are all documentaries or docu-series, and I will explore both the dark and clear sides of human nature, and perhaps even give us some laughter. From true criminal stories like those of Amazon Lorraine (executive product from Exit & # 39;s Jordan Peele) at the brilliant parodic series of IFC Documentary now!, there are a lot of excellent media to consume.

The many lives of Nick Buoniconti (HBO, preview 12 February)

What happens when the game that gave you everything starts to take away everything? This seems to be the narrative of many former professional soccer players struggling with debilitating pain, health problems and emotional trauma. The many lives of Nick Buoniconti focuses on a man who went to the prestigious University of Notre Dame with a football scholarship, won two NFL Super Bowls with the Miami Dolphins, and continued with successful careers as a lawyer, sports agent and broadcaster. His friends and colleagues describe him as implacable, persevering and practically unstoppable. Everything was going his way, until 1985, when his son paralyzed from the neck down in 1985 while playing football. Now, at age 70, Nick is barely able to move and is probably in the fight against chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This doc tells the story of the one who had everything, until he did it – and how he was able to turn his tragedies into triumphs.

Lorraine (Amazon Prime, previewed on February 15th)

The tragic story of Lorraine Bobbitt was used as a punchline for the jokes, sensationalized and scrutinized by the media and the world. The series of documents Lorraine, executive producer of Jordan Peele (Go out), tells the story of Lorena Gallo, a young immigrant woman who pursues the American dream. She tells how she met her ex-husband, John, and the events that led to Lorraine who cut her husband's penis. He was a physical and emotional rapist and a cheater. The series also follows its process and consequences, with the aim of telling all sides of this story. As a fan of the real crime, I am interested in seeing this documentary in the hope of listening to the people involved (including Lorena herself) and to draw my conclusions about the events that have shocked the world.

United shoes (HBO, previewed on February 18th)

Many people, myself included, are relatively unaware of the fact that roller skating has been an important part of black culture. Skating rinks are places where everyone gets together to dance and have fun with friends. The documentary United shoes it tracks the popularity and style of roller skating in black communities across the country, and the tracks of financial struggle have faced in recent years, leading them to close permanently. They also explore what these tracks mean as spaces for people of color. United shoes celebrates a subculture that is on the edge of extinction.

Documentary now! (IFC, returning on 20 February)

Documentary now! comes from the brilliant minds of ex SNL-ers Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers. Each episode is a parody of a documentary style or doc. In its first two seasons, the crew has skied Gray Gardens, History of eagles, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is Stop Making Sense! With the popularity of Netflix and other streaming services, more and more people have access to documentaries and the interest has grown in the middle. These parodies are hilarious and every detail is meticulous: clothes, hair, music and dialogue. In this season, the episodes will feature Owen Wilson's performances (Wedding meetings), Michael Keaton (Birdman), John Mulaney (Saturday Night Live) and Cate Blanchett (carol). The performance of Stephen Sondheim's musical will also parody Company and the recent Netflix craze, Wild Wild Country. Even if you have not seen the documentaries spoofing, this show is still excellent and can continue to work. If you have it, it's a paradise.


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