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False complaint of racial attack and everything ends badly

The actor of the television series "Empire" Jussie Smollett was accused of 16 counts of an allegedly erroneous report he had made to the police in which he pointed out that he was the victim of a homophobic and racist attack, inform national media.

The actor, suspended from the Fox Entertainment series, is said to hear a charge, presented by a grand jury, next Thursday in a court in Cook County, where the city of Chicago is located.

According to a court, presented on Thursday, the actor made a "false report of a violation" at the end of January to the Chicago Police Department. "though he knew at all times that there was no reason to believe that the deed had been committed.

The actor made the false statements when he was interrogated twice, and by two different police investigators, and each charge concerns acts wrongly described by Smollett.

Among them, he was attacked and beaten by two masked men who allegedly shouted insults of a racist and homophobic nature, put a rope around his neck and sprayed him with a so-called chemical.

"If a crime is committed, each crime has several parts and the accusation must relate to all those parts", takes note of the decision of the Cook County grand jury.

Smollett, who is African-American and has declared himself gay, is on bail and can be sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison to be found guilty.

All charges are class 4 crimes, the lowest crime category in Illinois.

The actor reported to the police that he was attacked on the morning of January 29, walking alone on the street in the Streeterville neighborhood and that the attackers were shouting "this is a MAGA zone", referring to the president's campaign motto Donald Trump, "Make America Great Again (MAGA)".

Police investigated the case as a suspected hate crime for three weeks and temporarily stopped two Nigerian brothers, but discovered that the attack had been orchestrated and that Smollett was paying the brothers $ 3,500 to simulate a racist attack on him. To gain fame and boost your career.

According to the Chicago police inspector, Eddie Johnson, Smollet tried to boost his career and encourage the producers of the series to increase his salary.


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