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Facebook viral | Young demonstrated his beatboxing ability at an airport and left everyone speechless United States | USA | FB | Face | Video | Social networks | Facebook

His ability with the microphone made him a celebrity on the Internet. Adym Evans, better known by his artistic name Verbal Ase, has become a viral sensation in social networks like Facebook after broadcasting a video of him performing beatbox in an airport's departure lounge United States.

How Verbal Ase counts in your account Facebook Everything happened when he was about to board a plane using a pass given to him by a friend who works in an airline company, which allowed him to get on any company plane 10 minutes before take-off if there was an available seat.

When he approached the airline staff to see if they could change the class of their airline ticket, the protagonist of the viral video of Facebook He told them that if they wanted to he could try to convince them by making "great sounds", to which one of the employees had told him to listen to him.

"I smiled at them and showed them some sound effects. They were so impressed they asked me if I could do it on the intercom and entertain the passengers who were waiting for their plane with a four-hour delay," added Verbal Ase, who accepted immediately and as soon as he received the authorization from the supervisor, He started doing his things.

"My performances literally stopped the entire airport because they connected the speaker to the entire terminal", the author of the incredible viral video of Facebookthanks to his talent, he managed to get a new, completely free boarding pass that allowed him to embark first and travel to a better place.

So far, the viral video starring Verbal Ase that paralyzed New Jersey's airport has more than 1 million views Facebook, in addition to hundreds of reactions and dozens of comments from users who praised his peculiar ability with the microphone.


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