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Exhibition of Russia's business today 16.09.2018, news: divorce seriously affects the health of Petrosian

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Exhibition of Russia's business today 16.09.2018, news: divorce seriously affects the health of Petrosian

Show business of Russia today 16.09.2018, news: the divorce seriously affects the health of the photo of Petrosian

The health of Yevgeny Petrosyan is seriously compromised. The conditions of the humorist were influenced by the outcry and scandals surrounding his divorce with Elena Stepanenko.

Finally, the process of sharing ownership between Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko has passed from a deadlock. The humorist managed to enter the apartment, and the bailiffs made an inventory of the property, said the artist's lawyer.

The apartment belongs to Eugene Vaganovich, is registered in it. However, Stepanenko went on tour, hanging a lock on the door – so it was impossible to start the property inventory. As a result, Petrosyan dug his apartment with his key in the presence of witnesses, said the representative of the artist Sergei Zhorin.

"I am personally pleased that the procedure has begun, which means that the ice has begun to move in. Elena Stepanenko did not want to be present, even though the property of spouses and property was notified after the inventory. real estate will begin to be evaluated – because the amount is 1.5 billion rubles, which everyone says is taken from the ceiling "- quotes the lawyer News.ru.

Show business of Russia today 09.16.2018, news: Singer Mometochka surprised Leonid Yakubovich, arriving at the show "Field of Miracles"

On the eve of the show, the first channel "Field of Miracles" saw the singer Lisa Monetochka. The presenter of the program, Leonid Yakubovich, introduced himself as Elizaveta Gyrdymova, the site of the radio station "Says Moscow".

The unexpected participant of the show was able to guess the word and received a multivarquet as a gift. The coin presented the main dolls and performed the song.

After the show, Leonid Yakubovich said that with him no one coordinated the appearance of Monetochka on the air:

"A coin is that, is it a girl?" If this happened, it happened behind me. I never know who will come. I do not do it. I come and conduct the program, "said the showman.

At the same time, in the "Field of Miracles", Leonid Yakubovic recognized Monetochka, called it a famous person and was surprised to act under the real name and not under a pseudonym.

Shows the affairs of Russia today 16.09.2018, the news: Zemfira did not like the sound of his records

Shows the affairs of Russia today 16.09.2018, the news: Zemfira did not like the sound in his photo of the records

Dishes with a duet of Inna Churikova and Zemfira had to be crushed with a roller. This was done at the request of the singer herself, who did not like how the sound was recorded in the recording. The producer, critic and music critic Mikhail Kozyrev spoke about this unpleasant incident.

"It was a very unpleasant incident, which left a scar on my heart for me when we did the" shallow light "program with Maxim Vitorgan and we found out that Zemfira has an absolutely amazing admirer – Inna Mihailovna Churikova ", Kozyreva" Says Moscow ". "And we asked them to sing a duet together, and he grew up together."

Inna Mikhailovna, who usually does not sing, has recorded the song "Neposheloe" together with Zemfira. It was on the radio waves of the program. Subsequently, according to an oral agreement with the singer, a record was released. However, Zemfira required material compensation and the destruction of the entire circulation.

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