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Eugenia wedding: so hot they celebrated after the wedding

Princess Eugenia married Jack Brooksbank in the Chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle. Then there was a wedding party, which was to take place behind closed doors.

  • The wedding of Eugenie (28) – the Princess of York – and Jack Brooksbank (32) will take place on October 12th.
  • The old couple took the votes at 12 (CEST) at Windsor Castle.
  • Princess Eugenia is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife "Fergie" and then next to Prince Harry and Prince William another nephew of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The royal marriage has already encountered criticism because of the cost. The "unpopular" princess is not however popular among the English.

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Marriage Eugenie and Jack: the party was so hot

With all his famous guests such as Robbie Williams and Mrs. Ayda, Cara Delevigne, Kate Moos, Naomie Campbell, James Blunt with a wife, she went ahead even after the official reception. The atmosphere was fueled by margaritas, which obviously were mixed with the "Casamigos" tequila, given that Jack is the ambassador of the European brand. And also for the physical well-being a food truck was provided, which prepared the pizzas for the guests. The party seemed to have had in any case after a Liv Tyler post in itself.

According to the Daily Mail, today (October 13) there will also be a second party. This should have the theme "festival and fair" and even offer a bumper car.

And really a close friend of the bride and groom, Irene Forte has published another photo that also provides insights on the second wedding celebration. It even seemed that there was a carousel.

Fashionable for the wedding party: with this car, Eugenie and Jack went to the party

Of course, the vehicle of marriage must be particularly elegant. That's why the bride and groom led the wedding party with an Aston Martin DB10, which also James Bond drove in the movie Specter.

The marriage of Eugenie's dreams: many only look at Meghan Markle's coat

13:28: Princess Eugenia of York married. But the eyes of many viewers were not focused on the bride in her dream dress, but on the guest at the wedding Meghan Markle. Prince Harry's wife appeared in an extraordinarily large dark blue coat. Royale fans all over the world now pose only one question: is Meghan pregnant? Is he hiding a big belly under this coat?

What's hidden under this coat?


"I wonder why she is wearing a coat so often, she had something much easier at the last wedding," says Rose Parker on Twitter. "I guess she's pregnant, she did not remove her coat at any time," asks another fan. "I'll tell you, she's pregnant", notes "Rebekka".

Guests of celebrities for Eugenie's weddings ignore this ban

Update from October 13, 2018: After the dream wedding of Eugenie (28), Princess of York and Jack Brooksbank (32), which was celebrated in the eyes of the world audience – even though the world's interest was limited – the subsequent wedding party should be private and secret behind closed Doors take place The actions of publication on social media were strictly prohibited. But not all the stars have joined the ban. Stylist Stella Mccartney published the performance of Demi Moore's party in her story on Instagram.

Demi Moore at the Secret Royal Wedding Party

© Insta Stella Mccartney

The Latin American singer Ricky Martin has delighted his followers with a selfie suit directed by Windsor Castle. "Que hermosa celebración … what a beautiful party …"

Liv Tyler publishes snapshots from the women's room

The wedding guest Liv Tylor even delighted her fans with a snapshot from the women's room. "I could not resist stealing this sweet moment …" he writes guiltily …

October 12: Marriage of Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank: so beautiful was the JW

18:42: What will Princess Eugenia call after her marriage to Jack Brooksbank? The British media report that after the marriage, the business of the bourgeoisie wanted to give up a real title. This would mean that the queen's niece after her marriage is called Princess Eugenia, Mrs. Jack Brooksbank.

17:05: The wedding cake can not miss in a dream wedding. This was prepared in a laborious job by the baker Sophie Cabot. It is a red velvet cake with chocolate cream. The decoration is a decoration in autumn colors, consisting of ivy, colored leaves and small flowers.

Wedding cake Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank the baker Sophie Cabot.


Eugenia's wedding: So it continues after the royal wedding at Windsor

16:20: At the marriage of Princess Eugenia, of course, the mother could not miss: Sarah Ferguson – "Fergie" – the ex-wife of Prince Andrew. However, the duchess did not hit the mark with her dress. On the Internet he greets the ridicule for the 58-year-old's clothing – Harry Potter sends his regards.

Eugenia Wedding: The wedding dress reveals an enormous scar of childhood

15:05: For her wedding, Princess Eugenia has chosen a wedding dress with a deep V-neck. The designer's creation also leaves her back uncovered. This is a scar on the spine. At the age of 12, the princess had to undergo scoliosis surgery.

Princess Eugenia's wedding dress looks gorgeous. On the back, a scar is visible from scoliosis surgery at the age of 12.

© dpa / Toby Melville

1.00pm clock: Driven by the sounds of the bagpipe, Princess Eugenia and her Jack escape into the wedding carriage. In the afternoon, the queen invited for a lunch. In the evening, a party (dress code: black tie) will take place at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, where they also invited Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

The princess kisses Jack Brooksbank after the wedding

The first kiss after the marriage of the countess Eugenie waited impatiently. If the wait was well worth it? The bride and groom simply kissed for a second.

00:56"God saves our gracious queen" looks bright through the Chapel of St. George. And the royal wedding couple takes out the pages and the children of the flowers on the organ sounds.

Eugenia's wedding: the princess looks gorgeous in her wedding dress

00:52: At the Eugenia wedding the program is strictly respected, apparently. The carriage in front of the church is ready, as the Royal Palace says on Twitter. Gray mold called "Plymouth", "Milford Heven", "Tyron" and "Storm".

00:44: After the blessing and the hymn, the newlywed couple enters the church registry. Only after singing the British national anthem "God save the Queen", Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank retire from the church.

00:32: At Eugenie's wedding, the atmosphere is solemn but relaxed. Princess Beatrice reads "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fritzgerald.

00:15: Princess Eugenie (28) and Jack Brooksbank are married. So that the married couple and guests can come together after this excitement, something follows "Ave Maria" sung by Andrea Bocelli.

Marriage of Eugenie – Patzer in the exchange of rings

00:11: Small break in the bag of rings: the wedding ring does not fit Eugenie's finger. The nervous groom has a lot of problems with the ring. Is the ring too tight?

00:09: Now the groom speaks the important words of the Trauformel and promises to keep it "in good times and in bad times". Then Princess Eugenia turns to her Jack.

00:00: After moving, Princess Eugenia is next to her future husband in front of the altar. Eugenia's marriage begins with a prayer.

Prince Andrew leads his daughter Eugenia to the altar.


11:57: The bride goes on Everyone is waiting impatiently and they hope to see Eugenie's wedding dress for the first time.

This is Eugenia's wedding dress

Photographic wedding dress

Prince Philip does not lose Eugenia's marriage

11:52: Sounds of fanfare announce the queen. Elizabeth II takes the next one Prince Philip (97) Place.

11:38: Bridgroom Jack Brooksbank has arrived. Also "Fergie", the mother of the bride and Beatrice are there.

11:32: The bishop welcomes the groom's parents.

11:29: A jarring alarm announces the arrival of Prince Harry and his Meghan. The Duchess of Sussex wears a dark blue coat and a feathered hat. Prince Harry wears a blue jacket to match.

11:20: Prince George (5) is lucky. For the wedding, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate gets free school.

11:03: Queen Elizabeth II does not lose her granddaughter's marriage. Their arrival announces fanfare. If Prince Philip (97) attends the ceremony is questionable. His name does not appear in the 22-page program of the royal wedding.

Eugenia's wedding: this is the big day for Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank

10:55Incidentally, Princess Eugenia of York is ranked ninth in the order of British succession. Eugenie, 28, is the daughter of Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II, and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Before the wedding, the palace published photos of the children of the royal bride and groom.

10:42: A guest list has not been published. According to media reports, including US film star George Clooney and his wife Amal, supermodel Cindy Crawford and Victoria and David Beckham have invited.

Eugenia's wedding: Robbie Williams and Co. are there

Marriage of Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank: Gone with the wind

10.20 clock: The first guests arrive at Windsor Castle. The sun is shining, but a cool breeze disturbs the wedding guests. Above all, women with hat on their head have a lot to do. Even the ladies' clothes swell up dangerously high.

As for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, a strict dress code also applies to Princess Eugenia.

The first guests of the marriage of Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank arrive. The ladies fight with their hats.


09:49: Married today: Princess Eugenia of York (28) and Jack Brooksbank (32) want to give Windsor Castle October 12th at 12pm (CEST). The ceremony will take place in the chapel of San Giorgio.

Autumn tones determine the floral decoration of the royal wedding, as the palace announces. Leaves and flowering branches are therefore of the Windsor Castle park. Hydrangeas, dahlias and roses adorn the church.

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Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank: Many early criticisms

Update from 10 October 2018: The eldest sons of Prince William and Duchess Kate will play an important role in the royal wedding of Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank. Prince George (5) and his sister Princess Charlotte (3) will be the maid of honor and the page boy.

Windsor – On May 19, Prince Harry and his Meghan gave the word yes. Now follows the next royal wedding. Prince Eugenia, 28, and his longtime friend Jack Brooksbank, 32, are married in the chapel of St. George, on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

It is the number nine of the British throne – but it still feels a little further back. Because Princess Eugenia is always in the shadow of her famous cousins ​​Harry and William and is not very popular in the UK.

As soon as the marriage scheduled for October 12 was announced, the criticisms have already been accepted. Too expensive and pompous, the critics ranted. Especially the "Daily Mail" engraved on Eugenie: "He is not exactly a big star in the firmament of the royal family." The princess is hungry for glamor and glitter, but for the state "as important as one of the queen corgi", wrote the tabloid.

Many royals marry in the imposing castle near London, without being criticized. On 19 May Harry (34), the sixth in the succession row, and Meghan (37) joined forces.

Prince Harry and his Meghan on May 19 after the ceremony in the chapel of St. George.


Just like the two, Princess Eugenia and her sweetheart want to have the public at their wedding. A total of 1200 people from the village are invited to the courtyard of the castle. A short carriage ride through Windsor is also planned.

The Royale wedding of Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank: how will the wedding dress be?

In Britain, the bride's dress is tense. Critics of fashion have already warned in public: rather simple and elegant instead of conspicuous! Because Eugenie was, as well as her sister Beatrice, already so accused of fashion. This is how they both distinguished themselves at the wedding of Prince William and Kate for their bizarre hats: Eugenia wore blue jewels with feathers and feathers, her sister was distinguished by a hat with a strange shape compared to a pretzel and a great tit elk.

The hats of Princess Eugenia (left) and Sister Beatrice have caused mockery at the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

© dpa / Boris Roessler

By the way, c & # 39; is a strict dress code for Royal Wedding guests. It is the "day dress" for women. And gentlemen must also adhere to the dress codes.

Princess Eugenia: Here's how the wedding cake will be

On the other hand, fans of the royal family should not speculate on how the wedding cake will be. London-based costume designer Sophie Cabot prepares a wedding cake in red velvet and chocolate, described by Buckingham Palace as a "traditional cake with a contemporary twist". It should mark with "rich autumn colors" and be covered with detailed sugar jobs such as ivy.

Eugenia, who loves computer games, football and hot dogs as well as her boyfriend, is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife "Fergie", the Duchess of York. "Jack is an absolutely extraordinary guy," commented Andrew's future son-in-law, 58, in a BBC interview.

Royal wedding: Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank are connected?

Brooksbank, a wealthy family, worked in bars and was also manager of a luxury nightclub in London. His 91-year-old grandmother told the Daily Mail that his nephew was charming and kind-hearted, but not the smartest. Around some corner, Princess Eugenia and her future husband are related.

Royal Wedding: That's how Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank met

Princess Eugenia's engagement ring shines with a sapphire Padparadscha (an orange-pink jewel) surrounded by diamonds.

© dpa / Jonathan Brady

The two met in a ski resort in Switzerland. Eugenie and Jack have been a couple for seven years. The engagement was announced in January, just two months after the announcement of Harry and Meghan. His love also survived a distance relationship, because Eugenie lived in New York in the meantime. Today, the art expert is working again in England and has assumed patronage especially for health organizations. She herself had to undergo spinal surgery at the age of twelve.

According to the British media, Father Andrew is annoyed that his two daughters are so obscured by Harry and William. However, Prince Andrea vehemently rejects these accusations.

But on October 12th, all eyes will be on Eugenie. After the marriage ceremony at 12 (CEST), the 92 year-old Queen Elizabeth II – briefly called "Granny" by Eugenie – will give the couple and her guests a reception at Windsor Castle.

Princess Eugenia (third from left) in the middle of the royal family: Duchess Camilla (lr), Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Beatrice, Prince Philip, Duchess Catherine (Kate), Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince William (here in London on a balcony of Buckingham Palace during a parade that marks the 91st birthday of the Queen.)

© dpa / Yui Mok

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