ENDGAME star Dave Bautista would have loved to see Drax taking revenge on Thanos


in the Protector of the galaxyWe learned that Thanos was responsible for the murder of Drax family. Despite his promise to kill Mad Titan, the hero never did much to harm him Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Final and it sounds like Dave Bautista wishes things were different.

Promote during a recent interview StuberBautista was asked where Drax could go next Guardian of the Galaxy 3 and pointed out that he needed a new enemy to whom he could direct his attention.

"I dont know," the actor admitted. "I think he will be a little bit dissatisfied that he did not kill Thanos himself, I thought about it a long time ago, James (Gunn) is super creative and he is also a fan, so he'll dug through and come up with one new villain and something for Drax that people will appreciate, he's a genius. "

It will definitely be interesting to see where Gunn Drax leads in the threesome and decides to address the fact that Drax never had to take revenge on Thanos.

Do you think things should have been different for Drax? Avengers: Final?

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An awkward farewell to Thor and Valkyrie


At the end of Avengers: FinalThor leaves New Asgard to the capable hands of Valkyrie, but her departure was originally intended to be very different. According to Anthony Russo, she would put her arm on Thunder's shoulder, something he would have misunderstood as a sign to lean in and kiss her!

"(She) goes," What are you doing? "And he says," Oh, I thought the touch … "and she says," It's a goodbye tip I'm giving you , It was a really funny beat, but we cut it. " he reveals.

This was actually recorded, so there is a good chance that it will be dropped onto the Blu-ray as a deleted scene. As funny as it would have been, it was clearly a joke too much for the final moments of the film and it is believed that the Valkyrie of the MCU should be gay.

Black Widow's new job


Avengers: Final It had a long running time of three hours, but the Russo Brothers still had a lot of content to cut to tell the story they wanted. This included plans to scrapp Black Widows to lead a Washington DC-based organization that would have helped the orphans left behind by the attack.

In terms of character development, this obviously makes sense, especially since Natasha was orphaned as a child. However, the filmmakers rejected the idea early and instead decided to lead the remaining Avengers. Had they had more time, this would have resulted in a very interesting storyline.

Iron Man Vs. Heimdall


It's hard to fault how this movie picks up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe's past, but we've missed what sounds like an amazing sequence. Apparently early ideas for Avengers: Final Iron Man and Thor traveled to Asgard in 2013 to receive both the Force and Space Stones.

During this adventure, Tony Stark would have put on a stealth suit and put up Heimdall (who, thanks to his unique skills, could have seen the Armored Avenger).

Meanwhile, Thor spent a bit more time with Jane Foster. None of this has gone through the scripting phase. So do not expect it if the Blu-ray is released later this year.

Other alternative time attacks


For some time, Avengers: FinalThe authors shied away from the events of The avengers This meant finding other key moments in the MCU for ideas of where the team could go to get the Infinity Stones in their hands.

At some point in S.H.I.E.L.D. break. Headquarters during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a confrontation in the Sanctum Sanctorum with Doctor Strange and a kind of underwater battle on Morag (which would have been a consequence of the team going too far back in time and coming to the planet long before Star Lord).

"Love you 3000"


Another very real possibility for the possible publication of the home video of Avengers: FinalIt was recently revealed that 13 reasons why Star Katherine Langford has shot scenes for the movie as older Morgan Stark. After Iron Man used the Infinity Stones, he would have visited this mysterious soul realm where Thanos saw Gamora and interacted with his daughter as an adult woman.

"What we noticed was that we did not feel any emotional association with the adult version of his daughter." Anthony Russo explained. "So it did not call us and it touched us on an emotional level." It's a shame we did not see this in the last part of the movie, but you can see why occasional moviegoers struggling with the concept of time travel may have been confused.

Battlefield reunions

Black Panther

Avengers: FinalThe final battle is huge, and you'd better believe that many scenes were filmed that sadly landed on the floor of the editing room. Among them were a series of reunions in which the mightiest heroes of the earth took a breather and tried to formulate a plan.

"It did not work out well, but we had a scene in a ditch where for some reason the fight was interrupted for three minutes and now there are 18 people together. & # 39; What should we do? & # 39; & # 39; I'll do that. "" I'll do that. " said the writer Stephen McFeely and regretted the reunions that we had not seen.

Finally, you can see why they did not want the action in such conversations to stall too much, but hopefully we'll see it in the form of some deleted scenes.

Return to 2012


Once the filmmakers decided that they would return to the events of Avengers: FinalThen they had to figure out when the mightiest heroes of the world would arrive in 2012.

Well, editor Jeff Ford has recently revealed that Iron Man flew through the Leviathan, a scene shown to test the audience, but again turned out to be too confusing.

This means that this was shot and could easily find the way to the Blu-ray. Another option was supposedly the moment The Hulk smashes Loki, but it sounds like it's too late.

Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne join the fight


According to the film's authors, they have seriously considered having Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne on the battlefield, but with so many other characters to think about, they have finally decided to leave them on the loose, one thing real shame is.

There were reports that Robert Redford was unwilling to repeat his role as the vicious Alexander Pierce. Instead, Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders faced Tony Stark as Nick Fury and Maria Hill to regain the Tesseract.

Smart Hulk's lab time

Smart Hulk

Avengers: FinalThe authors of & # 39; s have revealed that Bruce Banner would turn into Smart Hulk at a time Avengers: Infinity WarIt's the final battle in Wakanda. That eventually changed, and when it came time to figure out how to introduce this new version of the Jade Giant in the sequel, they struggled to find a way to accomplish that.

One way, it seems, was to show the Green Goliath in his lab and figure out how to combine his intelligence and strength. It does not sound like these scenes have gone through the script phase, and they later decided to go straight to his new personality in that diner while sitting next to Captain America, Black Widow, Ant-Man, and some big fans made breakfast!

Hawkeye's victim


Originally, it was supposed to be Hawkeye who sacrificed himself for Vormir to receive the Soulstone, but the authors quickly realized that this was the wrong direction to tackle, especially after a number of women worked on it Avengers: Final expressed her disappointment at the idea of ​​taking Black Widow such a big moment.

Interestingly, the whole sequence would actually be very different, and the ones we saw in the cinemas was the result of new admissions.

The original would have seen Thanos come to the planet to try to kill the heroes and then force them to fend off their soldiers while fighting each other to make that leap.

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