Endgame Almost Sent Scarlet Witch & Rocket on a road trip


Scarlet Witch and Rocket were almost sent on a road trip Avengers: Final, Less than three months after Marvel Studios' biggest success, fans are still learning more about the creative process behind the film – including the concepts and ideas that did not make the movie clip.

Focus on the heroes afterwards Avengers: Infinity War At the center of the story of Thanos was the Time Heist. The original Avengers and their remaining allies travel back in time to collect all six Infinity Stones to bring back those who were snubbed out of existence due to the decimation. and the characters were split into several smaller teams. One combination that nearly made it to the film was Wanda and Rocket, who teamed to bring the timestamp from the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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Passing by Screen Rant Stand at the San Diego Comic-Con, Avenger: endgame Authors Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revealed details of a road trip with a powerful witch and a talking space raccoon. In this version of the film Wanda Thanos & # 39; snapshot survived, which would have included her in the film Avenger: infinity war Episode. Unfortunately, not only the story was played differently, but this scene just did not fit the pace of Avenger 4That's why it was cut out. Watch the video below:

There was another road trip in it Avenger: endgameAnd considering Mark and McFeely's explanation of why Wanda and Rocket's version was deleted, one would expect that the version that landed in the movie fits more in the fast pace of the movie. Only the opposite is the case. They doubled the idea by slowing everything down to New Asgard during Rocket's and Hulk's journey to recruiting Thor for the Time Heist. Avengers: Final Even The Kinks & # 39; Supersonic Rocketship made for a more relaxed and casual feel. For some reason, however, it felt right in the movie when it was a silly setting for a duller revelation when they came to Fat Thor.

Obviously, the idea of ​​Wanda and Rocket was on a road trip in a very early version of Avengers: Final, And since Markus and McFeely started working on the twin together with the directors Joe and Anthony Russo avenger Sequels already in 2016, it makes sense that it went through several narrative iterations. But more interesting about this revelation was the context from which this strange pairing came. The two heroes have never met officially even though they were in the same room a couple of times during the Thanos debacle. And in return, it does not seem like they have something in common to connect to. But the big difference in personality may actually be what has initially motivated the filmmakers to band together. In any case, their paths may intersect soon as they are still in the MCU.

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