"Empire" movies in the place where Jussie Smollett said he had been attacked


Crews for "Empire" were filmed on Tuesday at the same intersection where Star Jussie Smollett said he had been attacked in a hate crime allegedly invented by the police.

Production teams and police were on duty Tuesday morning near McClurg and North Water Street, just one block from the overpass that Smollett claimed had been attacked.

A city permit showed that "Fox Entertainment Group-Empire" was asked to film at the filming location from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. East North Water Street was closed off New Street East to a dead end.

Smollett said he was attacked in the 300 block of East Lower North Water Street.

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It remains unclear why the show was shot on location.

Smollett has disappeared from "Empire", but his character will live on, at least in photos.

Smollett's Jamal Lyon, who married Kai (Toby Onwumere) last season, will be on his honeymoon when the Fox drama returns for the sixth and final season on September 24, said Charlie Collier, Fox Entertainment's CEO.

"You will see pictures of him in the background," said Collier, without going into detail. He promised "surprises at the beginning of the season that you will love."

In an interview with television critics, Collier reiterated producer Lee Daniels' decision to remove Smollett from the hip-hop family drama.

Daniels had initially supported Smollett after the actor claimed he had suffered a racist and anti-gay attack in Chicago. But when Smollett was charged with allegedly faking the attack, Daniels said the matter had become painful and frustrating for him and the Empire group.

Kyle Grillot / AFP / Getty Images

The prosecution dropped the case against Smollett in March, but a special prosecutor could re-indict him.

Asked why Fox extended Smollett's contract despite his legal risk, Collier said the network wanted to assess the situation correctly before deciding on Smollett's future with "Empire".

It remains to be seen whether it could come to an "Empire" spinoff. Collier said the focus is now on giving the drama the "great success" it has gained because of its influence on pop culture, but he is open to the possibility.

"We are in the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong business," he said of the co-creators and executive producers of the series. "If there are more stories to tell, we want to hear it."

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