Emily Maitlis: the man pleads guilty to violating the restraining order


Edward Vines wrote to Emily Maitlis’s mother twice last year

A man who has harassed and harassed Newsnight host Emily Maitlis for two decades has pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order.

Edward Vines, 49, was serving a 45-month sentence when he wrote to Maitlis’s mother in May last year.

In September he denied the charge, but then wrote to the station’s mother again in October.

Vines pleaded guilty through the HMP Nottingham video link and will be sentenced on February 3.

In the Nottingham Crown Court, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC heard Vines’ pleas on two charges of attempting to violate a restraining order imposed on the stalker by the Oxford Crown Court in 2009.

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Edward Vines met Mrs. Maitlis in college

He wrote to the journalist’s mother between May 7 and 16, and then again on October 6.

Vines was first convicted of harassing Maitlis in 2002.

He met Vines, from Oxford, when they were students at the University of Cambridge.

Speaking to the BBC Radio 5 Live Emma Barnett Show in 2018, Maitlis said he had had a devastating impact on his family.

Before postponing the hearing, Judge Rafferty said “it has been a long-term repair / complaint.”

He said he would have to consider “the risk of recidivism when he is in custody or when he is released again.”

Earlier, the government apologized to Maitlis after Vines was able to write to him from HMP Bullingdon, and again while living in a shelter.

When he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court in September, Vines argued that he was never guilty of harassing Maitlis and, therefore, had an excuse for violating his restraining order.

He asked if he, on his own behalf, could call her to court to question her.

In response, the presiding judge said: “There is no doubt that you personally ask questions, you must understand that.”

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Media SubtitleIn 2018, Emily Maitlis told Emma Barnett about the impact her stalker has had on her life.

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