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Each character of the South Park support, classified

Like most of his animated comic cousins, South Park has a huge cast of secondary characters. But since it takes its name from a city and focuses on its residents, rather than on a family or workplace, the supporting characters get more plots and development than they do on shows like The Simpsons is The Griffins.

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In fact, in some cases, South ParkThe supporting characters became so popular that they built entire seasons around them and the four main boys were forced to sit in the back seat. And some, of course, are weaker and less popular. So here's all South Park Supporting character, classified.

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11 Towelie

It is difficult to criticize Towelie, because he was literally conceived to be a terrible character. Cartman also points this out when he says "You're the worst character ever, Towelie." But for a character who was conceived as terrible, Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave him many of his episodes, and they were all among the weakest episodes of the series.

For example, he was used to satirising James Frey's controversy in "A Million Little Fibers", which had many promises from comedy and ended up being a huge disappointment, and this is mainly due to the nature of a single Towelie note .

10 Agent Barbrady

Agent Barbrady is a symptom of South Park before it really became South Park. He was a clumsy and funny cop who could never solve a crime and had a catchphrase. Barbrady was not much more than a Wiggum chief of order, before the show found his feet and even figured out the best way to satirize the police.

He briefly returned to the "Naughty Ninjas" of season 19 when he accidentally shot a boy and was fired. The episode was actually surprisingly emotional, as it developed the role of Barbrady in the police force and its tragic family life involving a sick dog whose medicines he cannot afford. So, it went very far in redeeming the character.

9 Mayor McDaniels

Quimby Mayor in The Simpsons is a memorable character thanks to his pastiche of John F. Kennedy, while mayor Adam West in The Griffins is a memorable character because it is a surreal version of the actor who played TV Batman of the 60s. Unfortunately, as the only healthy and intelligent person in town, Mayor McDaniels is not a memorable character.

There is a laugh playing straight – like when she shot herself in the head after losing hope and then reappeared, alive and well, with a bandage around her head at the end of the episode – but overall, she's one of the weaker characters of the show.

8 Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo has never really been a funny character. Comedy has always come from the simple fact that it is a talking piece of feces, which is not a good enough joke to support appearances in more than one episode.

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The recent episode "The Problem with a Poo" turned Mr. Hankey into South ParkIt is Roseanne Barr who published a bunch of inappropriate tweets that only insisted on jokes and ended up being driven out of town. This had potential, but in the end it was too repetitive and crazy to be really insightful.

7 Lu Kim

In these postsThe problem with Apu days, a character like Lu Kim (a.k.a. "The City Wok guy") is presented as insensitive to race, since he is a stereotyped Chinese character voiced by a white boy. However, what makes it slightly less offensive is the fact that it is based on a real guy from Wok City whose restaurant Trey Parker and Matt Stone used to call only to hear his voice.

He was involved in some very funny plots, like when he was commissioned to build a wall around South Park that some annoying Mongols kept knocking. And when he plays "City Chicken" or "City Beef" like "S *** ty Chicken" and "S *** ty Beef", it's never fun.

6 Wendy Testaburger

Although Wendy was initially presented as a Stan on / off girlfriend, she became the feminist resident of the show and is a much better character. His best episodes are when he jumps on the head with Cartman, while he adopts the role of the brainwashing conservative who convinces saps like Butters that his crazy theories are true and becomes the frustrated liberal who tries to fix them when they won't listen to him .

Examples of this are when he challenges Cartman to fight after he laughs at breast cancer and becomes terrified that he will win (and then he will) or when he accuses her of killing the Smurfs to make room in the school's budget.

5 Detective Harris

Detective Harris has gone by some names over the years, from Lou to Sgt. Harrison Yates, but his name is not important. Fans know him mainly as a red-haired policeman. The official Barbrady was South ParkHe is the original character of the police, but he was conceived as a harmless simpleton. The public's attitude towards the police has changed since then and, consequently, even the satire of the show has been theirs.

Detective Harris has been accustomed to satirizing the police in hilarious ways, such as the way he calls to frame rich black men for crimes that have not committed "some damned police work" or how he believes any real police report is Setting up a racist joke. Harris is always hilarious and always contributes to inspired social satire.

4 crowbar

Jimmy would be a mockery of the disabled if it were not for one simple thing: he is an aspiring comedian. He puts on the scene and says "Wow, what a terrific audience". The fact that his character is built around his desire to perform in cabaret and not his disability is what makes him a strong character.

In fact, quadriplegic journalist Jeff Shannon actually called Jimmy an "ambassador of good will" for the disabled community. He's a sweet and lovable character, which is what makes his plots work so well, whether it's getting hooked on steroids or joining a band.

3 Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison in South Park Season 20 Episode 1

Mr. Garrison is undoubtedly the character who has changed the most over the years. He began as a straight man, later identified as gay, then identified as a woman and then transformed, then identified as a man and then returned, then became the show's replacement for a certain president.

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What makes it one of the best characters is that, despite all these changes, it has never really changed. He has always been angry and cheeky, bigoted and opinionated, no matter what his identification is. In the last two years as president of the show, it was interesting to see how little the character had to change to embody the POTUS session.

2 Stotch Butters

The character of Butters has been expanded as a gimmick for the "Butters & Very Own Episode" episode to show his disturbing life at home with violent parents who both have secrets, all framed like a parody of cheerful sitcoms of the 50 years. However, this established the perfect dynamic for the character.

He is the sweetest, most innocent and harmless boy in the whole city of South Park, yet he is the one whose parents are the toughest with him, and they constantly root him for the most insignificant misbehavior. Butters is the patsy in all the boys' schemes, as if someone were to fake his own death or go to the Maury Povich show, and he always follows him because he is adorably gullible.

1 Randy Marsh

When Randy was first introduced in season one, it wasn't even clear that he was Stan's father. It was only the local geologist who noticed the impending volcanic eruption in the "Vulcan" episode. However, in later years, he became the most stupid and entertaining character of the entire show. South Park fans are all well aware that the episodes of Randy are the best episodes.

Whether performing in a musical number on safe spaces or doing shameful benefits or running his own cannabis farm or giving him testicular tumors (and with it space-sized balls) just to get a medical description of marijuana , Randy is always amiably idiotic and infinitely hilarious.

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