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Dura dances her birthday on Ruby and sings in the presence of stars of art – Masrawy

02:35 PM

Monday January 14, 2019

Books – Mohamed Magdy:

Some of the pioneers of the social networking site visited photos & # 39; s and videos from the birthday party of the Tunisian artist Durrat, who was held in a public place yesterday evening amidst the presence of various stars of art.

The videos showed the artist Dora dancing with the artist Robbie on her famous song "Les Bédéri Keda" during her 39th birthday.

During the ceremony, Durra flashed a daring and distinctive look, dressed in a short white dress, amid the presence of many of her friends.

Dora also appeared in one of the video's while she extinguished the laundry and chanted at the LA Festival.

The ceremony was attended by a number of art stars including Nisreen Amin, Ahmad Al-Saadani, Mai Nour Al-Sharif, Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nardin Faraj, Hani Mhanna, Khaled Selim, Tamer Habib, Najla Badr and Hind Abdel Halim.

Durra celebrates its 39th birthday on January 13, 1980.


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