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Draco Malfoy looks very different now and fans want his hair to be washed

Draco Malfoy is now fully grown and he looks very different from his Hogwarts years.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton shocked the viewers of Good Morning Britain today with his natural long locks.

The popular actor, who played Harry's nemesis in eight films, wiped out the pale blond look after ten years of hair dye.

Piers Morgan was forced to confess that he had never seen a Harry Potter movie, even though his son Spencer had a Deathly Hallows tattoo.

Tom was at the show to talk about his new role in sci-fi Youtube series & # 39; Origin & # 39 ;, while he swapped spells for space.

Harry Potter star Tom Felton grew up

The pale blonde appearance has disappeared

GMB viewers were shocked by his appearance, but many were not happy with his current haircut.

One viewer said on Twitter: "Please, please! Somebody is doing something with Tom Felton's hair!"

"Could you have washed her @TomFelton", another one added.

A third said: "Tom Felton looks like he rocks his first lecture on sociology late in the morning."

However, a fan added: "Tom Felton is pretty fit, is not it!"

Piers admitted he had never seen an HP movie

Although he had no idea of ​​the Potter universe, Piers admitted that his son was a big fan of Tom.

Spencer, who had previously been awakened to come to the studio, showed how his Death Garment inked.

He said: "I feel that despite my lack of interest this is how far Harry Potter has penetrated public interest. When my own children are decorated with permanent symbols of what you stand for."

Tom is still surprised by the reactions of fans

Tom talked about the enormous scope of the franchise and revealed how it had changed his life.

He said: "The Harry Potter flame does not go anywhere fast, I meet new fans every day.

"It has changed my life beyond recognition, at the same time I do not see myself as a Harry Potter star, I just feel like I'm questioned."

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