Describe his condition by a miracle and the fact of his marriage. Stations in the life of Maher Essam


9:22 PM

Monday, June 17, 2019

Books – Mohamed Magdy:

Today, the first anniversary of the departure of the young artist Maher Essam, who left our world on June 17, 2018, at the age of 38, after a health crisis.

On this occasion we present to you the most prominent stations in the life of the late Maher Essam:

Maher Essam was born on October 5, 1979 in Imbaba, Giza.

He began his journey with the art world in childhood to participate in various works, the first of which was "Fawzia de bourgeoisie" in 1985, "The Sixth Day" in 1986 with the late Youssef Chahine and "The Tiger and the Female" in 1987 with Adel Imam.

Essam was able to prove himself with his talent, he participated in the films "Chaos", "Presidential Decree", "The Blob & # 39; s Nest", "The Cry of an Ant", "The Lion & # 39; s Heart" and "Salim Abu-Akhtah".

He has also performed dramatic works such as King Farouk, For Security Purposes, Woman from Fire, Papa and Mama Gang, Al-Jama & Uday Al-Nahar and Naji Atallah.

In April 2014, Maher Essam suffered a health crisis following an explosion in the cerebral artery that led to his coma for two days until his condition improved when doctors described him as a miracle.

There were rumors that some people were being attacked in his house. After his health was stabilized, he appeared in the "Bani Adam Shaw" program with artist Ahmed Adam. He revealed that his foot slipped and fell on his head during his shower, causing an explosion in one of the arteries of the brain. Zombie for two days.

Maher Essam continued his life in a natural way and participated in a number of works, including "Aspin Ya Pasha" and "The Baron".

After his death, press releases reported that he was married and had a child, but a source close to the deceased artist denied in a statement to & # 39; Masrawi & # 39; that Maher was never married and that all the news is nothing but rumors.

The late Issam appeared in a work of art after his death, where the movie "Germat Beitmermatt" was launched earlier this year, starring Ahmed Adam.