Daymond John says that the Career of Olivia Jade can survive the issue of student bribery


Daymond John

Olivia Jade & # 39; s Biz

Can Survive College bribery scandal as …

12-4-2019 12:20 PM PDT


Daymond Johngives some business advice for it Lori Loughlin& # 39; s daughter in the aftermath of the university's largest entrance exams in American history … IT, BABY !!!

We have the "Shark cage"Go outside in NYC and ask the fashion tycoon if he had advice for that Olivia Jade … Lori's daughter who has been swallowed up by her mother and her father federal grand jury indictment, which accused the couple of paying $ 500k in bribes Olivia and her sister get into USC.

The radioactive precipitation was immediately … Olivia retired from USC and also lost a performance with Sephora. But, look at the clip … Daymond strongly believes that if Olivia doesn't try to hide she can definitely spring back.

It is worth noting … it is unclear whether Olivia is participating in the plan. Anyway … it is clear that Daymond thinks that working out a future is on her hands. Regarding some advice for Lori and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli … seems like a joke.