David Chang answers the Proust questionnaire


WWhat is your idea of ​​perfect happiness? Good TV, good delivery, perfect air conditioning. Literally nothing to do.
What is your biggest fear? In a figurative sense, do nothing.
Which historical personality do you identify with most? Admiral Yi Sun-sin.
Which living person do you admire most? My wife Grace.
Which feature do you most complain about to yourself? My intense self-hatred.
What is the quality you most regret about others? Unwillingness to change.
What is your biggest extravaganza? Fly fishing in salt water – find the most remote places to fish and time to go.
What is your favorite trip? Being a father for the first time.
What is the most overrated virtue for you? Patience.
On which occasion are you lying? When I say to myself or others that I will train.
What do you like the least about your performance? My head is too big; That's an inconvenience.
Which living person do you despise most? Donald Trump. If your answer is not Donald Trump, you have answered this incorrectly.
Which words or phrases do you use most often? "Fuck" and "shit" and "fuckingshit".
What is your biggest regret? Do not do better at school and do not take advantage of what I could have learned there.
What or who is the greatest love of your life? Work was my first love, but luckily it was replaced by my wife and son.
When and where were you happiest? Knicks vs. Lakers at Madison Square Garden during Linsanity.
Which talent would you like to have? I wish I was great in basketball. Basically, I wish I had the talent to be an Asian Zion Williamson.
What is your current attitude? Shit never gets easier. It's getting harder and weirder.
If you could change a thing on yourself, what would that be? Learning to appreciate what I have.
If you could change something about your family, what would that be? I wish immigration to the US would have been easier for my parents.
What is the greatest achievement for you? I am still here.
If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think that would be? Karma will see that I return as a lobster – I cooked too many.
If you could choose what you want to return to, what would it be? Bob Dylan.
What is your most valuable possession? My passport. After losing three, I know it's a nightmare to replace it.
In your opinion, what is the lowest depth of misery? Sitting at a desk job on the way to mediocrity.
Where would you like to live? Wherever the weather fits my clothes.
What is your favorite occupation? Wrought iron worker or a blacksmith. Jobs that will never be cool.
What is your most distinctive feature? Unfortunately a quick temper and a bad mouth.
What do you value most about your friends? Honesty.
Who are your favorite authors? David Foster Wallace, Ray Monk, David Halberstam, Kay Redfield Jamison, Anthony Bourdain.
Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Sisyphus.
Who are your heroes in real life? My mum.
What are your favorite names? Aloysius.
What do you like least? Formal wear and occasions that require it.
How would you like to die? Do something heroic.
What is your motto? "Save something for swimming."

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