David Attenborough says “humans have invaded the world” while issuing a weather warning

David Attenborough has said that humans have “invaded the planet” in a warning that the natural world is on the verge of “disaster.”

The veteran broadcaster warned that, unless humanity begins to act to mitigate our impact on the environment and “work with nature instead of against it,” the planet will continue to decline.

It occurs when the scale of the crisis of climate change and biodiversity caused by humanity is highlighted by activists, while scientists continue to discover the findings about the state of our planet.

During the last month, researchers confirmed that the 2010 decade marked the hottest decade ever recorded, while a separate study showed that the planet’s ocean reached its warmest temperature recorded in 2019.

The radio station’s intervention comes before the release of his last film, David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet, which the 92-year-old described as “my witness statement and my vision of the future.”

“I’ve had the most extraordinary life,” he said in the film’s preview, which will be shown in theaters on April 16. “Only now I appreciate the extraordinary.”

He added: “The world of the living is a unique and spectacular wonder, but the way we humans live on earth is leading it to decay.

“Human beings have invaded the world. We are replacing the wild with the meek. “

Colin Butfield of WWF, who served as executive producer of the film, said: “For decades, David has taken the natural world to the homes of the public around the world, but there has never been a more significant time for him to share your own story and reflections

“This film coincides with a monumental year for environmental action, as world leaders make critical decisions about nature and climate.

“Send a powerful message from the most inspiring and famous naturalist of our time.”

Sir David has increasingly used his platform to raise the alarm about climate change in recent years, telling the Committee on Commercial, Energy and Industrial Strategy of Parliament in July that humanity “cannot be radical enough to face these problems”.

“The question is what is practically possible. How can we take the electorate with us to deal with these things. “

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