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Daniel Küblböck: So far no trace! When will the DSDS star be declared dead?

Daniel Küblböck has been missing since Sunday.
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The former DSDS star Daniel Küblböck was disembarked as a passenger on board the cruise ship "AIDAluna" on Sunday morning. He has since been considered missing. The ship was on its way from Hamburg to New York off the coast of Newfoundland when the disaster occurred. The water temperature is about 10.5 degrees there. Without assistance, the chances of survival are only a few hours. Gradually hopes to find the 33-year-old alive. One has to go out of the worst. The Canadian Coast Guard has now stopped searching.

All current developments in the search for Daniel Küblböck here,

Daniel Küblböck lost! When is he declared dead?

What happens if Daniel Küblböck is never found? It is a sad subject, not just for family members and fans. When is a missing person declared dead? "In cases of a missing person, the law of disappearance applies, which is graded by age and starts with people under the age of 25 who can not be declared dead.At 25 years of age, people can be declared dead after ten years, by the age of 80 already after five ", says lawyer Markus Mingers opposite news.de.

Lawyer clarified: in case of accidents, the death certificate takes place earlier

In the case of Daniel Küblböck – if he was not found – a death certificate can also be made earlier. "However, if the disappearance of a person is due to an accident, a death certificate can be made earlier: a distinction between accidents during the flight, war and sea voyages Passengers can be declared dead after three months, veterans after twelve and seafarers after six months For all other accidents, a period of one year applies ", the lawyer continues.

According to Mingers, a death certificate is legally important. Only when a person is declared dead can legacies be arranged. It could only then come to life insurance benefits.

How are you looking for Daniel Küblböck?

Meanwhile, the rescue attempt for Daniel Küblböck was abandoned because the chances of survival were too low. However, the police are investigating and ships traveling in the search area are looking for the missing person. In the Atlantic, however, a person can sink very low and come out of the current at great distances. "Christian Stipeldey of the German Salvation Shipwreck Association said the" image ": appearing in our areas of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea usually resembles somewhere: on the water surface, in fishing nets or later on a beach.Just a few shipwrecked people become forever missed. "

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