Dak Prescott was taken back to Earth after a quick start, but you don't need to panic ✭


The 2019 season couldn't have started better for Quarterback Dak Prescott. Week 1 against the New York Giants saw him establish a franchise record for passing the yards in a forerunner with 405 and launching 4 touchdowns en route to a dominant victory on 35-17. The next game against the Washington Redskins was the continuation of that incredible start, as it went on 26 of 30 for 269 yards and 3 touchdowns bringing the Dallas Cowboys to 2-0 in a victory of 31-21. Week 3 was not as impressive but it was not necessary as All-Pro Ezekiel Elliott and rookie Tony Pollard both rushed for over 100 yards. Prescott, however, launched for 246 yards and 2 touchdowns while the Cowboys improved to 3-0.

After three games, Prescott had accumulated 920 passing yards and 9 touchdowns while completing 74.5% of his throws, and firmly incorporated into the discussion of the first MVP. Subsequently, the Cowboys went to New Orleans to face the saints in what most were considered the first real test of the Cowboy season. Unfortunately for Prescott, the offensive Cowboys line was dominated by the start at the end while they held Elliott just 35 yards out of 18 carry. This would force the Cowboy offense to stay behind the chains in the second and third downhill during the entire ball game.

However, he had a perfect drive to start the second half going 6 on 6 while an Elliott touchdown gave the Cowboys a 10-9 lead with just eight minutes advantage in the third, but unfortunately, they would be the last points they put on table. The Saints would add a field goal and draw a 12-10 victory.

He finished 22 of 33 for 223 yards but didn't score points in the air. This can be attributed to the fact that the Cowboys failed to make the race game work that made their offense one-dimensional, and in the NFL, which will make you beat in most games.

The meeting last Sunday with the Green Bay Packers should have been a strong dose of Elliott to prepare the passing game in action considering that the Cowboys were facing the defense in 26th place of the league. C & # 39; was one thing that prevented him, however, and that of the turnovers. Prescott completed his first two passes while the attack gained 37 yards in his first three games, putting them very close to the field goal position. The drive would stop anyway when Prescott is intercepted deep into the Cowboys territory giving way to the first Packers touchdown and a 7-0 lead.

After connecting with Amari Cooper for 46 yards, Prescott had again put the Cowboys in the field goal but a sack on a third down killed all the chances of a goal. Now under 14-0, Prescott came out in rhythm by completing his first two passes while the Cowboys were on the pitch for the third consecutive drive. Unfortunately, Prescott was intercepted for the second time just outside the red zone, again wasting a potential touchdown drive.

Once the Cowboys fell behind by 24-0 in the third quarter, Prescott began to separate the Packers' defense. He went 11 of 16 in the next three units including a 40-yard touchdown pass to Michael Gallup while the Cowboys made 17 quick points. With an opportunity to cut the advantage to seven in the fourth quarter Prescott threw his third interception of the game on a pass destined for Gallup, which caused some controversy due to an obvious interference call pass which is lost, leading to a Packer's field goal and a 17-point lead, essentially ending the game. Prescott would have had one last brilliant moment with a 53-yard touchdown to Cooper, but the Cowboys suffered their second consecutive defeat 34-24.

Prescott finished with 463 career yards, but his interceptions were key to setting up easy scoring units for the Packers. He himself was not impressed by his numbers, as he explained during a multimedia post-game session:

"I don't care how many meters I had or something," said Prescott. "I had three interceptions and one loss. None of that matters."

The match against the Saints the Cowboys was unable to establish the race, making their offense and Prescott's work much more difficult. In the Packers game, the Cowboys offense moved the ball down the field several times in the Packers territory, but premature interceptions from Prescott took points from the board. In the NFL these types of games happen to every quarterback. Currently, he is still completing just under 70% of his passes with an average of 345 yards per game. The Cowboys are in contention for first place in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles while in two weeks in Arlington they expect a showdown in two weeks, which will have exclusive control of the division. So don't worry about some bad Prescott games, he still has this team able to have a great year and his game should improve in the future.


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