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Claude Leilouche is the new wave leader in French cinema

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Saturday, October 13, 2018 – 9:49 p
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Saturday, October 13, 2018 – 9:49 p

Safavi: His works reveal the greatest human emotion in half a century
Rizkullah: He has a great passion for cinema. And the audience revolves around his work

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIF) has given the honor of French director and writer Claude Lelouche, one of the founders and pioneers of the new wave in French cinema, at the opening of the 40th session, which begins on November 20 and completes his activities 29 of the same month.
The Cairo Film Festival confirmed that Lillouche's honor was a tribute to his illustrious and glamorous film career, as well as his reputation as one of the leading directors and authors in the history of European cinema.
"The celebration of director Claude Lelouche in the 40th session marks the culmination of one of the most important directors who have enriched the European and international screen with immortal works in the memory of cinema", says Mohamed Chafie, president of the Cairo Festival. "For more than half a century, Lillouche has been one of the pioneers of innovation in French cinema, and indeed the magazine" Cinema Books "described him as the founder of a unique cinematic stream.
He explained that the "Lillouche" presented many of the reality-inspired experiences and imitated love and life, and emerged as different cinematic waves in their image and ideas, and his work is a great vitality and a single cinematic language, pointing out that he is really a filmmaker of the characters he creates in his work, who reveal about the greatest human feelings of truth, love, friendship, injustice, death, tolerance, nostalgia and love of travel.
The critic Youssef Sharif Rizkallah, artistic director of the Cairo Festival, said that "Lillouche" is a great cameraman with a real passion for films. The audience loves his work and unites with it, he sees that he actually makes films that truly follow his feelings in life.
Rizkallah explained that his film "Man and Woman" was regarded at the time of his performance as an unprecedented act in French cinema, where he maintained his own aspirations to stick to Hollywood films through simple stories that were repeated and loved.
Claude Lelouche was born in Paris on October 30, 1937, the first to film his own films in the sixties with one camera that he carried on his shoulder and blinding the world with his new style, leaving the freedom of movement away from cutting and drawing from traditional frameworks. He has always been a lifelong love for him, but for him, life itself, which is clear in his film series, which has crossed sixty films between fiction, documentaries and short films, which has achieved many successes and has left a great mark in almost half a century. He was nominated for Oscar, Golden Globe and Baffetta for best director and also won the same Golden Palme d & # 39; Or, which remained the biggest success of French film abroad. , And was chosen as a jury member at the Cannes Film Festival of 1967.
His films include "Life for Life" in 1967 and "13 Days in France" 1968, which was nominated for the Golden Bear Award for the Berlin Film Festival, "Life is Love of Death" 1969, "The Ripper" 1970. Oscar was nominated for best scenario for "Al-Hayat, 1974," Man and Woman after Twenty Years "1968, and" Les Miserables "(1995), nominated for the BAFTA Award, received the Golden Award from the Chicago Film Festival and" They and Others "in 1981, A spoiled child» 1988, "Days and Moons" 1990, "Beautiful History" 1992 "All This For That" 1993, winner of the Grand Prix of the Montreal Festival A water, and "Courage in love" 2005
One Plus One 2015, Now My Ladies Ladies 2001, Cannes Film Festival in the same year, The Parisians 2004, The Station Story 2007, The Life of All 2017, "The most beautiful years".
As far as his testimony on his journey is concerned, Lillouche says: "Actually I am optimistic, so I have adjusted myself to all situations, I love the present and I think we will never know where we come from and where we are going. Life is a tape that has begun for us and that pops up behind us.That's why we have to exploit the scenes in which we live.I am obsessed with the present.I think that today's cinema goes to new creative horizons Just like the laws that this industry to protect. "

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