Chicago and True Take Target is the KUWTK spin-off that we need

Chicago West, True Thompson, Instagram


Kourtney and Kim take New York, Kourtney and Khloe take Miami? No, we are here to Chicago and True Take Target.

Kim Kardashian Y Khloe Kardashian, make this happen as soon as possible.

On Monday, January 13, Kim took Instagram to post a series of videos of her daughter. Chicago West and his sister’s daughter True thompson having the best day in the happiest place on Earth (yes, Target).

The two cousins ​​seemed to be having Target’s best career as they walked through the store in a shopping cart.

In a video, after circling in stores, Chicago can be heard saying, “Again! Again!” That little girl loves emotion.

In the second video, Chicago counts to three before the two little best friends run down the aisle in Target’s shopping cart. Laughing and moving on the table, the two are having the best time of their life.

“Swipe for great tenderness,” Kim wrote on Instagram when sharing the videos.

After the two finished making Target their playground, little Chicago and True went out for lunch.

In a third video shared by the mother of Chicago, you can see the two adorable cousins ​​enjoying a delicious meal together. Chicago, which is older than True for a couple of months, enters its major cousin role and gives it some food.

Then, the two look at each other lovingly and continue to eat with enthusiasm.

If this is not cousin’s love, we don’t know what it is.

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