Entertainment Celebrities View: Trailer Sent for Film PBN 'Vegan 2019; Front...

View: Trailer Sent for Film PBN 'Vegan 2019; Front to the Global Address


'Vegan 2019 & 39'; among them people left their mark on the movement of the vegan

'Vegan 2019 & 39'; among them people left their mark on the movement of the vegan

The trailer for Plant Based News'Upcoming documentary Vegan 2019 now available to view it online.

The film – the latest in a series of annual installments – is designed by the director (and PBN founder Klaus Mitchell.

Vegan 2019 it adds greatly to the growth of vegan movement in the past 12 months, in which events, people, and cultural events from the lives of famous people, sports, food, movies, and more.

The most epic yet;

"This movie is still our epic," said Mitchell. "It was an incredible year in 2019 for the vegan movement, and it was incredibly wonderful to follow everything and turns."

These include increased awareness of the environmental impact of meat production due to disasters such as the Amazon Rainforest fires, the growth of the plant-based meat industry – making its products at the heart of fast food menus – and the rise in plants t athletes.

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