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Captain Marleau is preparing to burst the screen with an episode on the Opal Coast

When I say to you: a chapka on the head and a strong personality, you answer me … Captain Marleau. This is the detective series that is currently popular in France 3. Captain Marleau, he is captain of a gendarmerie who investigates murders, and it is usually Corinne Masiero.

The Roubaisian actress embodies this character with inimitable joke, accent and spontaneity, free people from the North. Captain Marleau is as beautiful as Corinne Masiero.

Episode shot on the Opal Coast

This Tuesday evening, the north is double in the spotlight in Captain Marleau. Episode 15 of the series, "A voice in the night", was shot on the Opal Coast in November 2018.

The entire team led by director Josée Dayan, settled for a month in the region: Cape Griz Nez, Equihen Beach, Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-Mer, with a scene of Miss election in the old casino. A Nesles, in the hinterland of Boulogne, Captain Marleau spent a day in theStables from Parpaillots".

Corinne Masiero "very concentrated, very professional"

The old fortified building has seduced the production, no doubt thanks to the old mansion. Dominique Bon, the head of the equestrian center, only holds good memories, particularly marked by the professionalism of Corinne Masiero: "when we see the film, we have the impression that it is very olé ole, that it comes out of his mouth when it comes into his head. She's not like that at all. She is very focused, very professional. She has her head in the script between two scenes".

Public records

This new episode of Captain Marleau still runs the risk of breaking the records of the public. From 3.5 million viewers originally in 2015, to nearly 7 million On Tuesday 2 April 2019, with 30% market share, France 3 arrived for all other channels. It was better audience since the beginning of the year for France 3.

We were all surprised

The director of the fiction of France Television, Anne Holmes, which launched Captain Marleau, would never have dreamed of such a success: "at this point it is almost a triumph. We were all surprisedFor her, the secret to success is "an alchemy. We lacked a lot of comedies on our antennas. And Marleau is funny. There is a predisposition for the pole in French. And we had wonderful guests".

Adjani, Depardieu, Biolay … they all want to shoot with Captain Marleau

It must be said that last Tuesday's casting was glamorous, Isabelle Adjani was on the bill with Corinne Masiero. Nobody could have imagined it at first, but today, in Captain Marleau, it is very trendy: Depardieu, Pierre Arditi, Victoria Abril, Muriel Robin have already done this. And for the fifteenth episode of this Tuesday evening, singers Jeanne Balibar, Benjamin Biolay and Camille are in the casting.

One of the series where you have to be now

"It is also normal"Anne Holmes analysis,"there are real roles to defend. It is rare to be seen by 7 million people, even in the cinema. This is one of the series where you have to be now".


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