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Cancer – Saturday 23 March 2019: love is touching the doors of your heart | Cancer horoscopes

Astrological news: the Moon, which is your ruler, is in Scorpio with the vibration of the number two, which indicates couples, associations with another person. The planet Mercury continues retrograde in Pisces, all other direct transits.

Some confusing situations may occur due to the combination of your sovereign, in the sign of the scorpion, with Mercury, retrograde. Watch your words and you will avoid problems. Well outlines the difference between emotions and feelings.

Don't confuse one thing with another. If you let an emotional wave take you to buy, spend and spend, you will be involved in compromising situations and this is what is less convenient for you right now.

Strength, courage and courage come with the month of the dragon


to love
Those dreams of love you've had for days are about to materialize and in this new year of life that you have before you – that is, the zodiacal year that began on the 20th with the spring equinox, love will occupy the place in your life that you must, in the center of your heart.

Always maintain a proper rhythm of life, cancer. Concentrate your energy this Saturday on your health because today you are in a tone of dissociation that can cause biological difficulties. Separate time for your physical exercises, take care of yourself, eat as you should and you will have no difficulty.

I work
These days you are very vigilant with your ability to work to the fullest, which is great as it will help contribute new ideas to the place you work and find ways to improve your position in a new job responsibility.

Start the month of Aries: what brings this new zodiacal year to your sign?


Money and luck
You are in a positive cycle to increase your economy, but be careful not to invest in companies with little stability because during this retrograde Mercury cycle you are approached by manipulative people who are interested only for your benefit.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sexual energy level this Saturday: moderate to high.
Cosmic dynamics from which to take advantage: the transit of your regent by the intense sign of the scorpion that fills you with passion and enthusiasm.
Dangerous trend in your sign today Cancer: he doubts the feelings of that person, you think you have stopped loving.
What should I avoid ?: Doubts about love, suspicions and judgments supported by appearances.

Pair forecast for today Saturday
The best ratio today: very good with Scorpio, as well as Pisces and Taurus. Even with Toro and Capricorn.
The most tense relationship: away from the clashes with the natives of the sign of Gemini or Aquarius.
Your current compatibility: you are very well sponsored with pairs of your same element, and also with natives of Capricorn and Virgo.
If you are single or single: in the coming days of March and at the beginning of April your love landscape will change radically, stable commitments will emerge.


The cursed coffins of Barbados


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