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Bride discovered new husband has micropenis on honeymoon – has no idea what to do – Scottish Daily Record

Nowadays, most couples get to know each other thoroughly before they & # 39; I Do & # 39; say and make the knot.

But some still hold on to the tradition of no sex before marriage and save the special moment for their big day.

Although he was not religious, a couple decided to wait because the man claimed to be "old-fashioned like that".

But the bride now believes that this was not the case and that he invented it to prevent her discovering his micropenis before they were married.

The couple dated a year before he placed the question and married after a half-yearly engagement.

She only discovered the micropenis on their wedding night when they were already on their honeymoon.

She only discovered a few hours after their marriage

But when the wedding night finally came, the bride had a huge shock when she discovered that her new husband had a micropenis.

She now claims that she "lied" & # 39; feels and believes that he deliberately kept it secret until they were married.

She does not know what to do and approached Reddit to share the story and ask for advice.

She writes: "Newlywed husband (32M) wanted to wait for marriage for sex and just surprised me (27F) with micropenis during the honeymoon.

"We are only married for six months, we are engaged to another six and are only married on Saturday.

"I literally just came back from my honeymoon a few hours ago.

"My husband is not a religious person, he just says he is" old-fashioned ".

"We came a few times in the neighborhood, but it never went far, I tried it, but it always stopped after it" farr. "

"Anyway, fast forward to now …

"Am I the a ******* to read in here and be upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he is probably not as" old-fashioned "when he says he is?

"I'm not going to shame him, and frankly, I do not even know how I cut the subject (and I do not seek advice).

I honestly only acted as if there was nothing special and went with him to the city, but … I do not know, I feel a bit offended as half a meter … or there is something deliberately stopped.

"This was at least unexpected, and if you read so far, thank you for your time."


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