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Blackburn Senate wins: tells Taylor Swift that it shakes & # 39; & # 39; after approval

The morning after winning the senate race in Tennessee, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R) on "Fox & Friends" to take revenge on Taylor Swift.

"Well, I hope Taylor shakes it off," Blackburn said, and made the most obvious pun after slaughtering the pop-megastar's preferred candidate, Democrat Phil Bredesen, with 10 points and more than 200,000 votes on Tuesday .

Somewhat generous in victory, Blackburn assured Swift and her fans that they "have an open door with me".

But she also mentioned the buzz of her own campaign – "just a whole bunch of people with me from the music industry," as Blackburn said, and pointed to her support of Lee Greenwood and gospel singer Larry Gatlin.

Blackburn also mentioned the Modern Modernization Act of 2018, which she supported as a congressman.

Swift & # 39; s surprise of Bredesen on Instagram last month created an online sensation. Her condemnation of Blackburn for opposing LGBTQ causes and protection of domestic violence inspired her fans to register en masse to vote. It devastated extreme right-wing Internet commentators who had hoped that Swift's years of silence about national politics meant that they were secretly on their side. And it led scholars to wonder if they could unleash a wave of young first-time voters in traditional conservative states.

But in the end, Bredesen did not receive half the fewer votes than Swift's agreement with Instagram liked.

In retrospect, the attempt to merge the millennialist zeitgeist with politics in Tennessee was uncomfortable from the start. Witness Bredesen's shrinking tweet on the day after approval, with accumulated political clichés and lyrical puns much worse than anything Blackburn tried on & # 39; Fox & Friends & # 39 ;.

Social media is the image-obsessed medium it is, it is possible that from now on, almost not so many people will remember what Swift wrote about Blackburn and Bredesen, because they can remember the star that posed with a black beret and the American flag next to a giant camp sign fixed to a cattle trailer.

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