Billy Porter’s Regal Regals after the party don’t disappoint


George Pimentel / Getty Images

He is back on that again!

Nobody’s style game is stronger than the iconic Billy porter. the Attitude The actor appeared and appeared at the Oscars 2020 wearing custom sewing by Deacon Giles. While many thought the surprises were over, Porter arrived at the Oscars after the holidays looking absolutely dazzling in an impressive purple outfit.

Porter jumped from the classic Vanity Fair Oscar party to the Elton John Oscar party while wearing different shades of purple, with a beautiful flowing cape and a large hat. In addition, you could not miss the bag that was balancing at a time of night, that made a great statement. Porter’s bag had the words “F – k U Pay Me” written on them, which was clearly a message to the powers in Hollywood.

Porter’s appearance for the after party was designed by Christian Siriano who told E! News exclusively about their plans during New York Fashion Week. “We did a great look for Billy for the Oscar weekend, so I think it will be fun. Not for him [actual] Oscars, but for something else and I think it will be very fun, “he shared about the daring set.

Siriano also designed the daring Porter dress he wore at the 2019 Oscars, making him the first man to wear a dress on the iconic Hollywood red carpet. A moment that not only made history for Porter, but was also the highlight of his career for Siriano that he shared with E! News.

“It’s great, because I think a young generation feels they can use whatever they want,” Siriano shared. “Which is really great. That’s the best part, really.”

Porter is quickly becoming a favorite of red carpet fans!

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