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Billy Eichner, Judd Apatow Team for romantic comedy


It is not every day that I write about film news that excites me sincerely, but fortunately today is one of those days, Billy Eichner He signed to write and act in a romantic comedy without a title as a power-producer Judd Apatow and director Nick Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). You see, I've been a big fan of Eichner a long time ago, and I think there are a few more deserving headliner comedians in their film, not to mention a rather revolutionary one like this. How do you ask?

Well, according to Deadline, Eichner's film will follow two men who have problems of commitment and are attempting a relationship. Now, I asked my colleagues here in the office, and we had trouble thinking about a romantic gay comedy from an important study. The Birdcage is Inside out they are classics of gay comedy, but neither really qualifies as a rom-com, and neither of them would Now I'll call you Chuck and Larry, which features two straight channels pretending to be gay for the sake of comedy. Love, Simon is considered a rom-com, and it is difficult for me to discuss because I have not seen the film, but I was told that it is rather asexual (understandable, since it is a high school film) and I do not think that will be the case in Eichner's film, which I assume will face sex as frankly and hilariously Amy Schumer done in Apatow Trainwreck is Jason Segel done in Stoller & # 39; s Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I suppose it's so exciting for me about Eichner's project – from what I can gather, it's about treating the gay relationship in it like any other relationship, with the same salient points and pitfalls that we might see in a com where in all likelihood, the straight guy is afraid of the commitment (something that was not the case in any of the previous films, which is one of the many reasons they stood out).

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Apatow will produce Eichner's film under his banner Apatow Productions, while Stoller will produce through his company Global Solutions. The project serves as a meeting between Eichner and Stoller, who recite the actor in a small role in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising before working together on Stoller's Netflix series College friends. This new film comes after last week's announcement that the upcoming Apatow film will be a Universal comedy Pete Davidson of Live Night Live fame.

I first discovered Eichner running around New York City screaming like crazy about Funny or Die & # 39; s Billy on the Street, where his energy was contagious. He continued to act opposite Julie Klausner on Hulu & # 39; s Difficult people, that I and many others miss me a lot. At least we Eichner fans have glimpsed the three-time Emmy nomination on Netflix from time to time College friends, in which he plays Fred SavageThe boyfriend (I'm in the middle of the second season, so no spoilers!). When I was proposing Oscar at the end of last year, I threw Eichner's hat into the ring and thought it would be perfect with someone perceived as super-straight as John Cena.

Eichner has a couple of Disney movies on the horizon, as he not only has the amiable voice of meerkat in Timon Jon FavreauThe remake of The Lion King, but he plays the opposite Anna Kendrick is Bill Hader in the Christmas comedy Noelle, which should debut on Disney +. It has been seen recently in the eighth season of Ryan MurphyThe series of FX anthologies American Horror Story: Apocalypse. UTA represents Eichner, Apatow and Stoller, while 3 Arts and Mosaic manage Eichner and Apatow respectively. The deadline broke the news.

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