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Bill Cosby, 81, joins the ordinary prisoner in the state prison – The Philadelphia Tribune

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. – Bill Cosby has been moved to the general population, but has had no family visit four months after arriving in a state prison.

The 81-year-old Cosby, who is legally blind, moved from a special home where he spent time getting used to the city, according to a spokeswoman for the prison. He has still assigned detainees to help him throughout the day, given his age and disability.

Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said he did not expect Camille Cosby or their daughters to visit the prison, about 20 miles from a family estate on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Cosby has a term of three to ten years for the drugging and molestation of a woman there in 2004.

"He does not want them in that area," said Wyatt, who regularly comes to visit. "Why do you put them in that position, to make it a sort of circus?"

Camille Cosby made only a brief appearance at each of her husband's two criminal cases, and their three remaining daughters stayed away. Cosby's wife of more than 50 years, however, filed an ethical complaint with the judge in court last year and accused him of bias in the case.

She continues to strategize her husband behind the scenes, Wyatt told the Associated Press on Thursday.

Cosby moved last week and now has a cell in a two-story unit at the newly built SCI-Phoenix in Montgomery County. Wyatt said he is in a unit reserved for veterans, something the prison would not confirm. He had previously been in a private cell and a day room at the infirmary.

Cosby is of the opinion that he is a "political prisoner & # 39; is, focused on his social and political views, just like heroes Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, Wyatt said.

"He said:" They want to catch me to say that I repent, or to say that I did something I did not do. "I will not fall for it, & # 39; said Wyatt.

Prisoners in Phoenix are woken up at 6:00 pm and returned to their cells at 8.45 am in the morning.

They can spend several hours a day in the gym or on the practice field, and at other times in the library, the classroom, the day room or the visit area, said state speaker Amy Worden. Wyatt said that Cosby gets up in the morning to do leg lifts and crunches in his cell, and has worked on new creative projects.

"He has not stopped thinking about the things he's going to do when he gets out," Wyatt said.

A jury in a new trial last year convicted Cosby of three counts of a crime against ill-treatment. He appeals to the conviction.

Dozens of women have accused Cosby of assault or misconduct over a period of 50 years, including five who testified to the new trial. Cosby and his lawyers and agents have repeatedly mentioned the meetings with the consensual discussion partner.

Cosby, a native of Philadelphia, grew up in the sixties as the first black actor to shine in a primetime television drama with the hit show & # 39; I Spy & # 39 ;. He became known as America & # 39; s Dad & # 39; because of his portrait of the Cliff Huxtable family in the top-ranked "Cosby Show" from 1984 to 1992, a show that helped his fortune with an estimated $ 400 million. – (AP)


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