Bella Hadid puts a new sexy twist on the pants zipper

Photo: Getty Images

Say goodbye to zipper flies. The button flies. See you later too! Buckling old-fashioned pants is, well, old-fashioned. Instead, I’m looking for Bella Hadid for advice on how to keep my pants up and secured in place. Today in Paris, in the middle of the men’s fashion week, the model walked through the streets with one of her looks inspired by the 2000s. The outfit included a pair of polarized sunglasses, a white knit polo shirt that revealed cleavage , a pillow print jacket, a camel suede shoulder bag and, finally, a pair of thick dad’s sneakers. But the real highlight was the choice of Hadid’s pants: he wore a pair of snake skin flares in a rich yellow, remembering the color of an egg yolk (organic). Here, the traditional fly was not seen anywhere. Instead, his pants were secured with three pieces of metal, or more specifically, a trifecta of silver latches.

Yes, Hadid’s unorthodox way of buttoning his pants is not necessarily new. There have been zippers that extend from the lower back to hit the pelvis in recent years, courtesy of labels like Vetements and Lorod. The fly with laces, the pants corset, if you want, has been around for decades. (Hi, Kim Kardashian West, who revived the appearance just a few months ago). But I really appreciate the very shameless approach, forced by Hadid’s hardware, “don’t touch me.” It’s like a chastity belt, subverted in a pair of really sexy pants. They are so elegant that you will want to throw away the key.

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