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Aya Nakamura pushes critics against her sounds – MCE Ma Chaine Etudiante

Aya Nakamura shouted in an interview for the newspaper Libération. She has had enough of people who criticize the lyrics of her songs!

Aya Nakamura gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper Libération. The young woman has also expressed his frustration about those who continue to decipher his lyrics to know what they really want to say! MCE tells you more.

Aya Nakamura goes to the creneau

Indeed, in the Liberation columns, Wednesday 6 February, the singer decided to make things clear. She has had enough of people who decrypt every sentence in her songs. It is therefore addressed to those who say "Limited by French"Aya Nakamura answers them with simplicity. & # 39; However, I do not speak as a kitchen. There are rappers, they are much worse. What is surprising is the fact that I am a girl. "she explains.

She also relies in her colleagues' debut in music, 5 years ago. The young woman kept watching the telephoto lens at home. "We are not going to lie to each other, it gave us serious desire"she says. That is when she writes her first song, what she thinks "Null". And yet she managed to distinguish herself from the French music scene.

Aya Nakamura defends Bilal Hassani

Since his victory at Destination Eurovision, Bilal Hassani has been confronted with many attacks. But the situation has recently deteriorated with the unveiling of some tweets from 2014. The young man had posted tweets against Israel. The person concerned defends himself by the fact that he borrowed his account from time to time: "Things happened that were beyond my control and beyond my knowledge".

Other tweets and videos are also controversial.
Aya Nakamura therefore decided to defend Bilal Hassani. He also filed a complaint against X for "homophobic insults and insults". On the occasion of her appearance at the Clique TV show, Aya Nakamura confides: "I fully understand what he is doing, I often see the messages and I say" oh yeah, right now? "I do not understand all hatred that can be around him He is a very young and versatile man Today he represents France and we can only support him, I think he is strong enough, he has a spirit, he will come there. ".