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Artegurl Season V Episode 143 Translated HD

Watch and download the Episode 143 series of the Artegrl resurrection season HD The events of the series of the resurrection of Argerel between the states of Antioch and Aleppo in the 13th century, at a time when the region has seen many conflicts and accepted the Turkmen tribes in the region because of the Mongol who followed them and wars between the parties era Muslims suffer from many problems at that time due to the weakness of the Abbasid caliphate.

And then Artgrel appeared as a hero of their own, the son of Suleiman Shah and the father of Osman I, who took the name from the Ottoman Empire following a long search for places to settle the state and grow and start expanding and producing the state of Artegrl in that region and began to establish tribes suffer from many natural and political difficulties and exposed to machinations and the presence of spies and traitors, and treat them in a way that they deem appropriate during the episodes of the series.

Names of Ertagirl representatives:

Esra Belgic, Engin Altan Doziatan, Parish Baggi, Javit Shatin, Genghis Joshkun, Sardar Gukhan, Cirdar Deniz, Osman Suikot and Nur Eddin Sunmaz.


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