Arrowverse Crossover presents member of the Justice League movie in Crisis On Infinite Earths

The crisis in the Infinite Lands came to an end Tuesday night, and the five-part DC / CW cross event had monumental repercussions. During the fourth part, the Arrow episode, Ezra Miller of the DC movie universe appeared as The Flash in a strange moment.

Warning: Spoilers from Part 4 of the Infinite Land Crisis are crossed below.

Seen in the image below, Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, enters the force of speed with the help of Oliver Queen / The Specter. Barry goes to STAR Labs to find his other friends, and meets … himself. Watch the image of the episode below.

Yes, that’s Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen – The Flash – in the DC Universe movies. And yes, Miller’s Flash was in the weird and armor Flash suit we’ve seen in the movies. Miller’s cameo seems to be nothing more than that: a brief appearance in the episode. However, it seems that Allen de Ezra has the idea of ​​calling himself “The Flash” thanks to this small meeting between sprinters, so there is something for the general canon.

Crisis on Infinite Earths, a cross event between all CW DC shows, will end on Tuesday night with the finale at Legends of Tomorrow. Can superheroes save the Anti-Monitor multiverse? We will learn soon. Keep visiting GameSpot throughout the night to get more revelations of the last two parts of this monumental event.

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