Anything that threatens to lose Netflix in the US goes to HBO Max


HBO Max & Netflix logo

Another week and another streaming service turned up to take over Netflix. This time, Warner Media are stacking their resources in HBO Max. Here is a detailed overview of all the properties and potential losses of Netflix from the content library.

One thing you should consider before we start is the other attitude that Warner Brothers and AT & T have recently made to Disney. While Disney wants 100% control over all of its features, including titles that they produce for others, Warner Brothers are far less fussy. As a result, the company continues to sell its content to Netflix, whether or not it matches the recent example of The Sandman, or continues to produce countless other Netflix original titles.

Disney was far more hostile (something she could possibly bite in the long run) because they wanted to keep most of their content ready for Disney + or had already taken it back.

Now let's take a look at all Warner Brothers real estate and see what (though temporarily) is left over.

HBO content

Let's start with the simplest. HBO wants to know if the Game of Thrones, Westworld, Big Little Lies, The Sopranos, Chernobyl and never been on Netflix.

Nothing has been lost here.

Warner TV properties

Let's start with the biggest Warner Media show yet to come, and the one that most people enjoy.

friends will be the most notable departure for Netflix. It was streamed to Netflix in 2015 and will be released 5 years later, on January 1, 2020. Friends is a show by Warner Brothers that sold it to NBC.

Friends leave Netflix

Pretty little liars is actually the first WB title that leaves Netflix (at least since the HBO Max announcement) and was originally aired on Freeform. It's been included in the HBO Max trailer, so it's not on Netflix like its new spin-off.

Here is a list of other titles that Netflix currently maintains and is produced by Warner Brothers. However, none of these titles were featured on the Sizzle Reel, meaning they will not be left:

  • The western wing
  • Shameless (US)
  • gossip merchant
  • Gotham

We also saw The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at the Sizzle Reel, but it's never been on Netflix in the US so nothing changes.


Netflix did not run TruTV content until the end of 2018, but now has a selection of compilation series. We do not know if they will jump, but to be sure, you can find the complete list here:

  • Adam ruins everything
  • The carbonaro effect
  • Impractical Joker (seen in the sizzle roll)
  • I am sorry


What role CNN will play in HBO Max remains to be seen. Netflix has only a small collection of titles from the news network, with Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown being undoubtedly the largest.

The following could go away from CNN:

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (seasons 7-11 on Netflix at the moment)
  • Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love around the world
  • The 2000s, the Eighties, the Nineties, the Seventies

The CW

Netflix and The CW have a long history of collaboration, which came to a half-finish in 2019.

We worked through the details of the contract several times. In short, here we are.

All existing shows from The CW on Netflix to Into the Dark will continue to be updated on Netflix until the show is over. About three years after the show ends, Netflix will leave.

All new shows will be shopped individually, though Katy Keene and Batwoman will be on HBO Max.

Warner Brothers Netflix Productions

Some of the biggest Netflix shows are produced by Warner Brothers. Although these Netflix may eventually leave, we talk for several years. Here are all the shows that Warner Brothers created for Netflix:

  • Longmire
  • Fuller House
  • incoherently
  • you
  • Lucifer
  • Terrible adventures of Sabrina
  • The Kominsky method
  • Special
  • Bruno
  • What if

Warner Brothers Movie Library

Warner Brothers' extensive movie library will also fill HBO Max in due course. We will not go through the entire Warners movie library (we would be here all day), but we will address the ones shown in the video.

It is unlikely that Netflix will receive any of the older Warner Brothers movies. Instead, large concessions for the streaming service are held back.

Some of the titles on the sizzle reel were:

  • Lord of the Rings (the first movie was streamed to Netflix last year and Amazon does the show)
  • A Star is Born (too early for a release on Netflix)
  • Godzilla (Netflix has the animes, but none of the WB action movies)
  • DC movies (rarely come to Netflix in the US, it will stay that way)
  • Gremlins (currently on Netflix at the time of release)

It is also worth mentioning that Netflix has recently distributed some Warner Brothers films overseas. Shaft and Is not It Romantic are two current examples.

TNT, TBS, Adult Swim, Boomerang and Cartoon Network

Adult Swim and Cartoon Network appeared on Netflix at a certain time, but all were discontinued in 2016.

TNT and TBS content has never been on Netflix.

The current status of Warner Brothers content on Netflix is ​​expected to be abandoned. What do you think? Is that a devastating blow to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.